What Is Green Gold?

What Is Green Gold?

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Green gold is a combination of gold and silver that occurs naturally. The naturally occurring alloy is called Electrum.

The green gold is not “green” in how you think it is. It’s not a full-fledged color, but rather it’s a tint that can remain on top of the gold. It takes a keen eye to identify green gold. A weakness of this kind of gold is that though the silver gives it a different color, it doesn’t give it more strength.

Green gold is generally alloyed with other zinc or nickel to be much more durable.

Is Green Gold Hypoallergenic?

We have talked about how white gold is often not hypoallergenic because it has nickel. Since green gold is a naturally occurring substance, it’s less likely to have additives. However, additives are necessary to make the green gold useful.

We also know that nickel is a common additive and necessary to maintain the durability of green gold. When nickel is present in an alloy, the alloy is more likely to create an allergic reaction. Thus, green gold is likely not hypoallergenic.

However, this doesn’t mean that green gold is not hypoallergenic. It means that you’re going to have to ask your jeweler if the green gold that you’re buying has traces of nickel in it or not.

Is Green Gold Stronger?

In its purest form, green gold is more durable than pure gold. Gold in its purest form doesn’t have the resistance that jewelers need to make jewelry, so they add metals to it and make gold alloys. However, green gold is already a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver and thus can hold on to its shape a lot better than gold can.

However, it would be best if you didn’t let this affect your decision. Green gold still needs other metals to be mixed along with it so that it can be more robust.

What Is So Special About Green Gold?

One of the most important things to remember is that green gold has been around for a long time. The presence of a greenish tint is due to the silver in it. People have been using it to create jewelry, coins, and other artifacts for a long time.

Green gold is also different because of its color. It’s advantageous if you use it in leaf-like structures and jewelry as it can capture the greenness of foliage.

The first-ever coins are said to be made of green gold. People also used green gold to coat pyramids and obelisks in the olden days. Thus, the fact that it has existed for so long explains the many uses that it used to have and can still have.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Gold?


Green gold may be appealing to you, but if you’re not sure whether to purchase an article made of green gold, read on as we have listed some of the advantages of green gold below.

It is Aesthetically Pleasing

It is a rare and unique alloy, so many people like to buy it. When you purchase green gold, you’re not just buying gold; you’re also purchasing a piece of history that dates back to ancient Egypt.

If you’re looking for more intricate jewelry, you have the perfect answer in green gold.

You Can Choose Quality

Green gold is like gold because there are different variations of it. You can buy 14 karats of green gold, or you can buy 18 karats of green gold. All of which depend on the amount of gold present in the material.


It Can Cause Allergic Reactions

One of the major issues with green gold is that it is soft in its rawest form. Thus, if you want to turn it into jewelry, then chances are that you’re going to have to mix it with some other metals. These metals can include substances like nickel which many people are allergic to.

Thus, it isn’t hypoallergenic. However, now manufacturers have started using materials like platinum and palladium, which are much safer.

It Can Lose Color

One of the significant problems with green gold is that it contains silver. Silver can very quickly lose color on exposure to air. Thus, it would help if you polished it often. Green gold can also lose its color quite easily, but it’s also easy to polish.

Is Green Gold Valuable?

Green gold is valuable. It is a naturally occurring precious metal, and thus it has significant value. However, its worth has much to do with the content of gold in it. If the gold content in it is more significant, it will cost you more. It’s also a rare metal which means that some green gold can be more expensive than others.

The value of any piece has much to do with the amount of labor that went into extracting the green gold, the intricacies of the green gold article, the purity of the green gold, and the size and amount of the article you are buying.

It is generally affordable. However, some strains of green gold are rare than others and can cost you a pretty penny.

How Can You Maintain Green Gold?

We know that green gold can tarnish over some time. However, the easiest way of maintaining green gold is to protect it from the elements. You want to make sure that green gold doesn’t get in the way of air, dust, or water. You want to keep it as far away from air as oxidation can occur easily, and the gold will tarnish.

You also want to keep it away from any dirt. If you do get the gold dirty, clean it in the following ways.

  1. Get a bowl of warm water and add dishwashing soap to it.
  2. Place the jewelry in the bowl to rest for a few minutes. This will loosen the dirt.
  3. Get a microfiber cloth, pour a few drops of vinegar, and then clean the jewelry.
  4. Rinse your jewelry, and then leave it to dry.

Final Thoughts

Green gold is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver. It’s unique and rare, so you may want to invest in it. You can stand out entirely with an article of green gold on your body. Green gold dates back to ancient Egypt, and buying it is like buying a piece of history.

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