Does Platinum Patina?

Does Platinum Patina?

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The couples of today have numerous ways to capture their special moment. Photographs are cherished treasures that allow you, your family, and your friends to remember the day as it was. Another intimate expression just for the bride and groom is wedding bands carved with vows or a special symbol proclaiming their love for each other.

If you are planning to get platinum wedding bands, the timeless beauty of these rings will increase over time. There are plenty of other precious metals you can go for. However, for a sophisticated and long-lasting touch, platinum is ideal.

You have probably heard stories about grooms searching for the right wedding ring and ending up buying it in platinum because it’s a pure metal that shines bright. Then dare we assume that you know about patina too? If you are buying platinum for the first time, you need to know how it ages.

Maintaining jewelry, even when made of precious metal, is very important. It allows you to reserve its quality and shine, so some people say that platinum lasts forever.

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Platinum and Patina

A new platinum ring has a smooth surface and is shiny. Its luster attracts people, and the fact that it is made from a naturally-occurring white metal. However, with a little wear and tear from daily use, platinum’s surface starts to change over time. As a result, the ring loses some of its luster. It develops a different texture, which gives a ring an aged and worn look.

What differentiates platinum from other metals, like gold and silver, is the way it gets scratched. For example, if you accidentally bump into something and your ring gets scratched, the material will simply move from one place to another on the ring. Consider Play-Doh. If you rub it with your hand, a chunk moves around but isn’t lost.

What does it say about platinum?

It means that the ring’s luster will remain, and its shine can be regained by polishing it. It also means that no matter how many times your platinum ring gets scratched, it won’t lose its weight. It will become stronger and less malleable.

This means platinum lasts forever and with regular maintenance, remains the same.

The three main reasons platinum requires extra maintenance are that it is malleable, its jewelry is purer than white gold jewelry and softer. On the MOHs hardness scale, it sits at a level of 4.5, which is higher than gold’s 2.5 and lower than diamond’s 10.

When buying platinum jewelry, make sure to look for the hallmark, so you know you are buying the right jewelry weight. Different platinum hallmarks tell you about what alloys are mixed in what quantity. This also indicates the quality and purity of platinum.

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Patina on Platinum Rings

Patina on platinum is common. Over time, you might or might not spot it on your ring because it is not a glaring sign that makes it appear different. Usually, platinum rings patina after 12 months. However, the time frame can vary depending on how often you wear it and where.

Platinum rings patina due to several reasons. For example, if you are wearing it while doing regular household chores and using cleaning chemicals, in the swimming pool or when taking a dip at the beach, taking a shower, etc. The ring’s lower portion patina first as it is constantly rubbing against your skin.

Some people love the aged look patina gives to a platinum ring, and others don’t. The good news is that if you fall in the latter category, there are a couple of things to restore its shine.

Restoring Platinum

Patina is an aged look that platinum develops over time. You will first see light scratches that will be more visible in light and then a slightly green hue. Most people believe that platinum changes color, but that’s not the truth. It simply appears a little darker due to the wear and tear.

This is a natural aging process and one of the finest attributes of platinum, which adds character and beauty. Of course, if you want the original shine back, there are plenty of ways to go about it:


Like a car specialist buffs out scratches on a car, a qualified jeweler uses special tools to bring out platinum’s original white luster. However, keep in mind that your restored platinum ring will maintain the luster for 6 to 12 months, depending on how you wear it.

Most jewelers don’t have the right tools to do this job, so make sure to confirm with them first whether they can do it or not.

Rhodium Plating

The words rhodium plating is synonymous with white gold. However, this service is available for platinum jewelry too.

Rhodium is a metal that belongs to the platinum family. Since white gold is made by mixing pure yellow gold and alloys, it has a slight yellowish hue. To give it that lustrous white shine, it is plated with rhodium.

When platinum is plated with rhodium, it has a bright sheen with higher reflective characteristics. The shine of platinum wears off after a while, so make sure you wear it on seldom occasions only.

Final Word

In conclusion, platinum is a great white metal. Keep in mind that it is more malleable than white gold. Moreover, it gets scratched easily. However, platinum is still superior to white gold because it is a naturally-occurring metal. This makes platinum costly but worth the price!

Nowadays, gold is considered more of a commodity. Even though it is a superior metal, people prefer white gold and platinum because it creates the perfect setting for diamonds.

If you are using DIY cleaning tips to make your platinum jewelry shine, make sure not to touch gemstones with your solution. This might dull the gemstone’s shine.

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