Is Rose Gold Real Gold?

Is Rose Gold Real Gold?

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Rose Gold does have real gold in it and, thus, can be considered to be real gold. Rose gold is an alloy made from a combination of gold and copper. Since this gold is made by combining two metals, gold and copper, the result has a different color.

The karat of the two metals is also different. The most common alloy of rose gold will have 75% Gold and 25% copper, which makes it up to about 18K Gold.

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What Is Rose Gold? Is Rose Gold Real Gold?

Rose Gold is an alloy of gold and copper, so it is real gold. If you’re considering the purchase of an engagement ring, you are likely choosing between several kinds of gold. The main choices you have are white, yellow, and rose gold. Many people are interested in Rose gold now because it’s newer than yellow or white gold and has a romantic tinge of pink.

The karat value and the depth of color in rose gold depending on the amount of gold, silver, and copper present in the alloy. Silver is also present in rose gold to lighten the color. The copper-silver-gold alloy can have three significant shades, i.e., rose gold, pink gold, and red gold. The more copper present in the gold, the redder it will be. Additionally, rose gold is also more hypoallergenic because it won’t have as much nickel if any at all. The highest karat that rose gold could go to is 22K.

Does the Color of Rose Gold Affect its Worth?

Some people think that since the color of rose gold is so novel and rich, it would also be worth more. Other people think that Rose Gold isn’t quite as shiny or as gold as yellow gold, so it must be cheaper. However, none of these assumptions are true. Like most gold sold in the market, rose gold is also an alloy.

The amount of gold that a piece of rose gold will have will determine its worth. Additionally, 18 Karats of Rose gold will have the same amount of gold as 18K of yellow or white gold, which means it’s just as valuable as them. Essentially, the amount of gold is the same, which allows for the difference between different karats of gold.

The color doesn’t do anything apart from informing you about the different metals mixed into your gold.

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Is Rose Gold More Hypoallergenic than White Gold?

Rose gold is an alloy mixture of silver, gold, and copper. Most variations of rose gold do not have any other element or metal apart from these. People are generally opposed to nickel in jewelry as that’s the most prominent metal in all types of allergies. Since rose gold is unlikely to have this metal in the mix, it is less likely to cause allergic reactions and thus may be more hypoallergenic.

Rose Gold vs. Yellow Gold

The natural color of gold is yellow. However, many jewelers have created processes that allow the color of gold to be transformed and changed by mixing. Thus, rose gold is pink in color. When you’re opting for something for your engagement and wedding rings, should you opt for yellow or rose gold?

Yellow gold is the kind of gold that looks better in traditional jewelry pieces. The greater the karatage of jewelry, the less durable it is. For example, if we’re looking at 18K of yellow gold, it will be less durable than 12K due to the more significant gold content. Yellow gold is also an alloy made of silver, copper, and gold. However, the percentage of copper here is much less than that in rose gold.

Rose Gold is not an alloy that you find in nature. It is a recent development made by jewelers and is an alloy made from mixing copper and gold. A standard ratio for rose gold is 75% gold, 22.5% copper 2.5% silver to complete the alloy.


Rose gold has a more significant proportion of copper, and thus it’s also a lot more durable. Yellow gold is more prone to scratches and can also lose its shape than rose gold. Yellow gold may also require more maintenance than rose gold, and polishing is necessary to maintain the sheen.

Rose gold doesn’t require any plating like white gold, so you won’t even have to maintain it too much. Rose gold’s color is less likely to wear off. Although it can get some scratches over time, they are not likely to stay.

The more polishing an item requires, the thinner it will get with time. Since yellow gold needs more polishing, it can lose more value over time.


The color can also have many more variations than regular yellow gold can. Rose gold tends to be more aesthetic, and since it’s a mixture of warm and cool tones, it looks good on people with all sorts of skin tones. It brings out both dark skin tones and light skin tones. However, yellow gold looks more radiant on people with dark skin tones and tends to wash out people who have lighter skin tones.

Yellow gold has a more vintage aesthetic, and people have been using it as-is for centuries. It lost some of its popularity earlier in the century but has slowly gained traction again. Rose gold is relatively recent, which means that people are more likely to opt for it. The color also complements many people, so many buy rose-gold jewelry.

Value and Price

The value and price of both of these gold variants are the same if their karatage is the same. Thus, if price and value are a deciding factor for you, rest easy as they will both have the same amount of gold in them. 14K gold is a lot more affordable in both yellow gold and rose gold, and thus you may want to choose it.

Final Thoughts

Rose Gold is real gold. It is an alloy of real gold and copper, giving it an aesthetically pleasing color. Many people opt for rose gold due to its unique color. Thus, if you want to buy some precious jewelry, you should also look at rose gold as a potential option, especially if you want to buy something that makes you stand out.

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