Is Wearing Fake Gold Bad?

Is Wearing Fake Gold Bad?

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Lots of jewelry resembles real gold but it isn’t. Either it is gold-plated over metal alloys, or it is completely made up of other metals like copper. It can still be shiny and pretty, but isn’t worth hardly anything. 

Not everyone can afford real gold necklaces, bracelets, or rings which is why they opt for the fake gold. Fake gold jewelry can still look nice if it is made well and worn properly. But, the metals in fake gold can cause allergies and skin irritations. 

So, is wearing fake gold bad?

In most cases wearing fake gold won’t be bad for you (unless you have an allergic reaction to the metal) however, fake gold jewelry can turn your skin odd colors over time or if you have gold plated jewelry it will eventually chip or tarnish. 

So, although fake gold jewelry is unlikely to be bad for your skin or health it will show signs of age and wear faster than real gold jewelry will. Whether that makes it worthwhile to buy real gold over fake though is a decision that only you can make. 

If you have purchased a piece of gold jewelry and are unsure if the piece of jewelry is real or fake gold, then there are some things you can do to figure it out. Generally, they do not stamp fake gold. If there is a stamp on it it will say something like 925,GP (gold-plated) or GF (gold filled). 

If you are really curious, then there are some at home tests you can do to try and figure out if the gold is real or fake as well. However, the best thing to do is to take it in for an appraisal so you can be completely sure. Fake gold jewelry or gold-plated jewelry will only last for about 2 years, and this is if you take proper care of it. 

Over time, gold plating will flake off and tarnish. Jewelry that is 100 percent fake gold and made out of copper can corrode in an even shorter amount of time.

Real gold doesn’t ever corrode (although it can tarnish), and so it lasts much longer than fake gold will. Wearing fake gold isn’t a bad thing to do. You may like to show off some gold chains or a dainty gold colored necklace without it being the real thing, and this is okay to do. But, be careful because the metal that looks like gold could cause some skin irritations whenever you wear it. 

Many people have a nickel-allergy and should stay away from jewelry made from nickel because it gives them an allergic reaction resulting in a bad rash. Fake gold is mostly made up of copper and some people have a copper allergy resulting in the allergic dermatitis. 

So, while wearing fake gold isn’t bad in the sense that it can still look good, it can be bad for your health if you happen to be allergic to the metals that it is made of. 

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What Happens When You Wear Fake Gold?

So, you can have some negative effects from wearing fake gold jewelry. Some may have an allergic reaction to wearing fake gold, but there is something else that can happen and it involves your skin changing colors. 

So, what happens when you wear fake gold?

Fake gold can corrode and start to turn your skin green under certain conditions.  Fake jewelry like cheap gold can also cause negative effects like skin allergies (if you are allergic to the metal it is made of). Fake gold is often made up of copper and copper will corrode under certain conditions while real gold will not.

While wearing real gold jewelry in the shower won’t harm it, it can still dull its color so it will need to be cleansed more often. The same goes for gold-plated or fake gold jewelry, except in this case, the gold plating can wear off completely or the copper will corrode. 

The same thing happens when you wear fake gold jewelry and you sweat. 

Fake gold is most often made up of mostly copper which can react with acid in your perspiration to form salts. The acids will cause the copper to corrode on the surface of the metal simulating oxidation and creating a green color on the copper. 

This then forms a salt compound. The salts are absorbed into the skin, turning it green as well. If your skin is naturally acidic, then there is a good chance this can happen if you wear some fake gold. 

So, basically, wearing fake gold jewelry can turn your skin green. If this happens, you may want to invest in a higher-quality form of jewelry to wear to avoid looking green. If you ever run across this issue of your skin turning green from fake jewelry, the stains can be difficult to remove. 

Try using some rubbing alcohol or makeup remover to remove the stains from your skin. To prevent your skin turning green from the fake jewelry, it may even be a good idea to coat the jewelry in a layer of clear nail polish to create a barrier between the metal and your skin. 

Allergic reactions and a chemical reaction causing your skin to turn green can result from wearing fake gold jewelry.

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Is It Tacky To Wear Fake Jewelry?

If you are a fan of costume and fake jewelry, you probably don’t want to give it up. Especially since purchasing real precious metal and gemstone jewelry can be expensive. 

But, sometimes you may wonder if the cheap stuff looks bad. Is it tacky to wear fake jewelry?

Whether fake jewelry is tacky or not really depends on the design of the fake jewelry. If it looks good, then it won’t be tacky to wear. You can look classy and elegant in cheap jewelry but if it is a tacky design then you are going to look tacky as well. 

Many people can’t afford real jewelry for every piece that they wear, so most wear fake jewelry. While some can be too gaudy, others can be simplistic and beautiful. Now, pulling off real jewelry isn’t even a sure thing, which means that it may take some more effort to pull off the fake stuff. 

I’m sure you’ve seen women (or men) looking tacky in some cheap costume jewelry. Well this all comes down to what they are wearing and how they are wearing it. Pay attention to the finishes of the jewelry. Gold or silver-plated jewelry looks a lot nicer than fake jewelry and is not as pricey as real gold or silver. 

If your metals and gemstone of your fake jewelry closely resemble the real thing, then it won’t look as tacky. 

Also, how you wear the jewelry can determine if it looks tacky. Keep in mind that some gaudy jewelry will look more tacky than a simple design. You don’t want to look overdone, so sticking to more simple pieces is best. 

You don’t need several pieces of jewelry to look expensive or elegant either. Just sticking to one focal point and not being too matchy-matchy with it is the way to go. 

Size (not too big), color (not too bold) , and your outfit (casual or formal) will all play an important part in whether your fake jewelry looks tacky or not. Keep it simple in these areas and wear the proper jewelry for the occasion. 

So, what it looks like as well as how you wear your jewelry will affect if you look tacky or classy in the fake jewelry.

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Final Thoughts

Wearing fake gold can be bad if you have an allergy to certain metals like copper. This can result in allergic dermatitis and a bad rash. Fake gold jewelry can also turn your skin green as a result of a chemical reaction with the metal and the acidity in your skin. 

As far as looks are concerned, fake gold or jewelry won’t look bad or tacky if you choose one that looks good and wear it properly. As you can see, sometimes fake gold can be bad but in most cases if used appropriately (and if you don’t have an allergy) it will be totally fine. 

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