Does Jewelry Cleaner Expire/Go Bad?

Does Jewelry Cleaner Expire/Go Bad?

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Jewelry is an attractive accessory. Available in a variety of metals, colors, shapes, sizes, and types, jewelry is worn by many people all over the world. If you own jewelry, whether it be rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. you know that they can get dirty, especially if they are worn often like wedding rings. 

To clean your jewelry you need to use a jewelry cleaner to make it sparkle again. Going through your drawers and cabinets, you found a bottle of jewelry cleaner. It is a few years old but when you check for an expiration date you didn’t see one. 

Can you still use this to clean your jewelry? Or does jewelry cleaner expire?

Jewelry cleaners do not have an expiration date and they do not expire. However, if you are using a liquid jewelry cleaner in the same container over and over again it will eventually get dirty and need to be replaced. 

Most jewelry cleaners will last for 2-3 years before the cleaner will either run out or become too dirty to use (depending on the type of jewelry cleaner). So you can expect to need to buy more every few years. 

Jewelry cleaners are simply a chemical formulation that is used to clean different types of jewelry. They can remove dirt and grime from the jewelry without causing harm to the piece. Jewelry cleaners are powerful and effective and can leave your jewelry looking shiny and sparkly. 

When you are using store bought jewelry cleaner, you simply take the piece and set it in the basket that is inside of the jewelry cleaner bottle.

Then you let the piece soak for the amount of time instructed on the cleaner. Then using the soft bristle brush provided for you in the cleaner, you can brush off the jewelry. After you have cleaned the jewelry, you can then use a soft cloth and polish the piece. 

The same process is used for homemade solutions of jewelry cleaner. Let the jewelry soak in it and then take a soft bristled brush and brush it off. Then dry and polish using a soft cloth, your jewelry will look as good as new!

Although jewelry cleaner doesn’t expire if used too much it can become really dirty and need to be replaced. If your jewelry cleaner starts smelling or looking “off” then that is a good point to start shopping for some new cleaner. 

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How Long Do You Keep Jewelry Cleaner?

Using jewelry cleaner is essential in keeping your jewelry clean and looking shiny. When you are cleaning your expensive jewelry pieces, you will want to use a good jewelry cleaner. Since most jewelry cleaners don’t have expiration dates, you may be wondering, how long can you keep jewelry cleaner?

Jewelry cleaners can last for many years if they are still sealed. If opened, you will want to smell and look at them. If they smell odd, rotten, or have an odd color or look to them then you will want to replace the jewelry cleaner. 

By maintaining your jewelry regularly, you can keep it in good condition. If the piece is made with precious metals and gemstones, then you will want to take care of it. Here are some ways you can keep your silver, gold, and diamonds shiny:

  1. Getting your jewelry cleaned professionally can prolong the life of your jewelry. The original sparkle will return to the piece. The jeweler can also check for any damage and restore the jewelry if needed. You should try to get your jewelry professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. 
  1. Clean your jewelry often at home. When you aren’t taking the jewelry into a jeweler to be professionally cleaned, you should clean it at home. Buy a safe jewelry cleaner to clean your jewelry at home. Avoid DIY cleaning solutions, lemon juice, or toothpaste.
  1. Store your jewelry in a clean and dry place. This can prevent scratching or tangling as well as limit exposure to air and moisture.
  1. Don’t shower in your jewelry. Precious metals can tarnish if they are exposed to certain elements like air and moisture. So be sure to take off your jewelry before doing  any task involving water or harsh soaps and scrubs.
  1. Don’t wear your jewelry when cleaning with harsh chemicals. The chemicals in the cleaning products can damage your jewelry.
  1. Don’t wear your jewelry in situations that can easily scratch it or damage it in any way. If you aren’t sure if you should be wearing it while doing a certain task, then remove it. This can include sleeping, exercising, handling metals that are harder than the piece, etc.
  1. Don’t clean your jewelry with ultrasonic cleaner unless you are sure it is okay. Before you clean it to avoid damaging the piece, make sure the material of the jewelry is safely cleaned with the cleaner you are using. 
  1. If your jewelry is damaged, take it in to get fixed.Even if the damage is minimal, damaged jewelry should be fixed by a jeweler. Damaged jewelry will only get damaged more the longer you wait to get it fixed.
  1. Follow the instructions given by the jeweler on how to properly care for your jewelry. If the jeweler who made the piece recommends not to clean it with certain cleaners, then you should avoid doing this.
  1. Polish your jewelry by using a soft polishing cloth. Don’t polish your jewelry with any abrasive cloths to avoid damaging the piece.

When you are storing jewelry cleaner, be sure to store it in a dark place. Store-bought jewelry cleaner should be discarded if it looks cloudy, smells strange or looks different from when you first opened it. A homemade jewelry cleaning solution needs to be discarded after every use. If your jewelry cleaner is a few years old, then it is likely time to replace it with a new one. 

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Final Thoughts

Although jewelry cleaner doesn’t technically expire or go bad it can become dirty, smelly, etc. which is a sure sign that you should throw it out and get some new cleaner. Old jewelry cleaner shouldn’t be used to clean your jewelry if it smells or looks different than when you first purchased it. 

Instead you should get a new jewelry cleaner to safely clean your pieces of metal and gemstone jewelry. Along with some of the other helpful tips mentioned in this article on how to properly care for your jewelry, you shouldn’t clean your pieces with old jewelry cleaner. 

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