Is 25k Gold Possible?

Is 25k Gold Possible?

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24k gold is known as “The Gold Standard”. It is the most prestigious and most expensive gold you can buy. It is so valuable because it contains 100 percent pure gold. 

But, some 24k gold is also 99 percent pure gold. So, saying this, is 25k gold possible? 

25k gold is not possible since there is no value higher for gold than 24k gold. This just isn’t physically or mathematically possible. So, 25k gold does not exist. 24k gold is 99 percent real gold and 100 percent real gold is actually referred to as 24k gold as well. 

We love gold. We admire its beauty as well as desire its worth. So, 25k gold isn’t possible because 24k is the highest it can go. Before we dive into this further lets learn a little more about this shiny metal we call gold. 

Here are some interesting facts about it:

  1. Gold is the only metal that is yellow or “golden” (hence the name) in color. After a certain amount of time, other metals may take on a yellow color but this is only after they have oxidized or reacted with chemicals. Gold is the only metal that is natural with its beautiful shiny gold color.
  1. The element symbol of gold on the Periodic table of elements is AU. This comes from the Latin name for gold “aurum” which means shining dawn or glow of the sun rose. The word “gold” comes from the German language e,mamnoon yellow/green.
  1. Gold has been known to man since ancient times and continues to mesmerize us.
  1. Gold is ductile meaning that it is able to be stretched into a thin wire. An ounce of gold can be stretched into a gold thread 5 miles long. Gold threads are also used in embroidery.
  1. Gold is a malleable metal meaning that it can be easily hammered into thin sheets. The gold leaf sheets can be purchased but are so thin that they aren’t worth a lot. A sheet of gold can be beaten into a piece so thin that it is transparent and when you hold it up to light, you can see right through it.
  1. Gold is heavy and dense but it is non-toxic. Flakes of gold or gold sheets can be put on food and eaten. The body discards the gold and it isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream.
  1. Gold is a noble metal meaning that it is unreactive and it is not degraded by air, moisture or acid. Acids usually dissolve metals but only a special mixture of aco called “aqua regia” can dissolve gold.
  1. Gold is known for its monetary and historic value. It is a pricey metal and is very valuable in worth as well as what it represents, wealth, power, etc.
  1. Gold is not only valuable but also useful. It is used in electronics, electrical wiring, medicine, radiation shielding, and coloring glass.
  1. Gold with a high purity is odorless and tasteless. Other metals put off odor or flavor but not gold. You can see why it is also unreactive.

Before you purchase gold, you should know that 25k gold does not exist. The highest form of gold is 24k gold. Next is 18k and 14k which are used to make a lot of jewelry. 14k is the most common since it is valuable and also durable. 

You don’t see a lot of 24k gold jewelry because it is too soft to be made into jewelry. Since it is mainly made up of pure gold, it is also easily scratched or bent. As the amount of pure gold in the piece decreases its durability increases because the metal added into it is stronger than the pure gold. 

25k gold  is not possible because the amount of karat gold is a reflection of how pure it is. 24k means that all 24 parts of the piece are pure gold. 18k means that 18 parts of the 24 are pure gold. 14k means that 14 parts of the 24 are pure gold, and so on. 

24k gold is the highest it can go. So, no 25k gold is just not physically or mathematically possible.

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How Much Is 24k Gold Worth?

So, pure gold is called 24k gold because all or almost all 24 of its parts are made up of pure gold. 24k is the purest form of gold making it the most valuable. There is nothing higher than 24k and 25k gold does not exist and just isn’t possible. 

So, how much is 24k gold worth?

24k gold is currently worth about $62 a gram. This value depends on the supply and demand of gold at the current time and could change day to day.

Gold makes our money worth something and preserves its value. It has been a source of money for centuries and is used to back up the value of the amount of money we can hold in our hand. 

Gold can only be a little amount in a piece of jewelry or a lot. Its worth is determined by how much gold it has. So, a 24k piece of gold is the most valuable and worth a lot. The actual value of gold is ever changing but as of right now, an ounce of gold is equal to almost $2,000.

It’s no wonder we are mesmerized by gold. It’s valuable and worth something. Gold is shiny and beautiful. The color gold symbolizes some important qualities. We love to look at and admire gold. 

Some of the things that this amazing metal represents are:

  1. Wealth
  2. Power
  3. Wisdom
  4. Positivity
  5. Accomplishment
  6. Sacredness
  7. Divinity
  8. Nobility
  9. Luxury
  10. Meditation

Gold is not only symbolic and beautiful but also valuable and worth a lot if it contains a large amount of pure gold. Pure gold is 24k gold and 24k gold refers to gold that is 99 to 100 percent pure gold. 

It is more expensive than 18k gold and below. This is because it contains more gold in it which is valuable. 

The added alloy in 18k gold and below don’t add value to the piece. Instead they add durability. The worth of 24k gold right now is around $62 per gram. 

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Final Thoughts

25 karat gold isn’t possible physically or mathematically. 24k gold is the highest form of gold and  is used to describe gold that is 99 to 100 percent pure. 

In karats, gold has 24 parts. If all of its parts contain gold, it is then 24k gold making 25k gold not possible.

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