Can You Pawn 14K Gold Jewelry? (How Much Is It Worth?)

Can You Pawn 14K Gold Jewelry? (How Much Is It Worth?)

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Jewelry is often pawned or sold for money if the owner no longer wants the item. If the piece is valuable and in good condition, it can bring a good price. 

14k gold isn’t pure gold, but it does contain a little over half pure gold. So, can you pawn 14k gold and how much is it worth?

You can pawn 14k gold jewelry however you will often get far less than what you originally paid for it. Jewelry has a high retail markup so pawning it will only give you a fraction of the original purchase price. 

14k gold jewelry is a perfect balance of durability, price, and overla look for jewelry. It still contains real gold making it valuable. How much the ring is worth depends largely on several factors.

To pawn an item is to deposit it with a pawnbroker (someone who lends money with interest on the security of the item that was pawned) So, basically when you pawn something like gold, you give it to someone who then loans you money for it. You then have to pay back the loan in order to receive the item back. 

You give the item to the pawnbroker for instant cash. If you don’t want the item back, you don’t have to repay the loan and can simply sell it to the pawnshop. Then they can sell it. 

Jewelry is just one of the many things that can be pawned and some  jewelry is really valuable. Jewelry made of gold can also be pawned. In fact, most pawn shops will only take gold jewelry. This includes 14k gold too. 

Even though it isn’t pure gold, it can still be worth money. The amount of money the 14k gold jewelry is worth at a pawn shop will depend on several things. These include:

  1. Gold demand – the supply and demand of 14k gold can determine its value.
  2. Gold purity – 14k gold is a little over halfway pure.
  3. State of the jewelry – If the jewelry is broken or not in the best condition, this affects the value of it. You should sell or pawn gold that is cleaned and in great condition.
  4. If the jewelry is complete – if the ring is missing jewels or pieces, then this can decrease its value.
  5. Historical value – if the gold is a historical piece, its value will be higher. 
  6. Weight – the price of gold can be determined by how much it weighs. For instance, the estimated price for 1 ounce of 14k gold is about $964.00.
  7. If it contains jewels – added jewels such as diamonds can increase the value of the 14k gold jewelry.
  8. Its estimated value – 14k gold is about $34 gram though this isn’t an exact value for gold since you can receive less or more depending on the type of jewelry.
  9. Its melt value – the value the gold would have if it were melted down and turned into something else. This doesn’t take into account the time and effort spent making the gold into a specific type of jewelry.
  10. A professional pricing – This is the best way to determine how much the 14k gold is worth. A professional jeweler will know a lot more about the value of your item. 

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Can You Pawn 14k Gold?

14k gold is still made with pure gold. It just contains other alloys to make it stronger and more durable. This is why it is used commonly for engagement rings and wedding rings since it will be worn on a daily basis. 

So, can you pawn 14k gold?

You can pawn 14k gold. Pawn shops usually only take gold jewelry and 14k gold is made up of 58.5 percent pure gold. The price you will get for the gold depends on the quality of the gold but you will get a good amount of money for the item.

The quality of 14 karat gold is less than 18 karat gold. 18k gold contains more gold than 14k gold does. 14k gold contains 58.5 percent gold and the rest is made up of metal alloys. 18k gold is 75 percent gold and the rest metal alloys. 

The reason gold rings are combined with these alloys is because it makes them stronger and more durable since gold is very soft and easy to bend. When you’re wanting to sell 14k gold jewelry, you may look into pawning it. 

This can be risky but you can pawn 14k gold jewelry. 

Before you head into the shop, do your research to find out about how much the item is worth. It’s important to find out all the information you can as if you were going to sell the gold yourself. So, find the melt value and if it has diamond, the diamond value as well. Don’t let the pawn shop offer you less than the melt value of the gold. 

The melt value is the lowest you should go. So, even though it isn’t pure gold, 14k gold is still gold and it can be pawned.

Is 14k Gold Worth Anything?

So, 14k gold can be pawned. This is because it is made with real gold. Although only a little over half is gold while the rest is made up of alloys, 14k gold is still real gold. 

But is 14k gold worth anything?

14k gold is worth something. It is made with real gold making it valuable and able to be sold or pawned. Though not as valuable as pure gold (24k gold), 14k gold is worth its price in how much gold it is made of. 

So 24k gold is worth the price of 100 percent gold and this means that 14k gold is worth 58.5 percent of 100 percent gold because it contains 58.5 percent of pure gold. One gram of 14k gold is worth about $34.00 as of this writing. A womens 14k gold ring without any jewels can be worth around $170.00 and a men’s gold ring without any jewels can be worth around $240.00.

You can find a lot of rings and jewelry that are 14k gold. They are still real gold, just not as high  quality as 24k which is pure gold. It is uncommon for 24k rings to be purchased as the owners will want to be very careful with them. 14k gold is commonly used a lot in the U.S. and it is used for many types of jewelry. 

Many engagement or wedding rings are made from 14k gold. If you are planning on pawning the gold jewelry, you may wonder how much it is worth. But, there is a difference between the selling and buying price of 14k gold. You will often pay far more for a piece of gold jewelry than it can be sold for both locally and at a pawn shop. 

Before attempting to sell or pawn gold, first try to figure out an estimate of how much it is worth. Here are some ways to determine how much gold is worth:

  1. Find out how many karats the gold is.
  2. Determine the gram weight of the gold. 
  3. Find out the current price of gold. 
  4. Find the estimated/melt value.
  5. Consult a professional.

You can pawn 14k gold jewelry for a good price. It is 58.5 percent pure gold and this means it is still real gold, making it valuable.Although it isn’t worth as much as pure gold, 14k gold is worth something and can be pawned or sold for cash. 

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