Does Platinum Fade Over Time?

Does Platinum Fade Over Time?

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Platinum is the estranged choice in the world of jewelry. Most people prefer white gold and silver over metal because of myths that they can change color and lose their charm over time. If we were to study all metals from an unbiased perspective, platinum does in fact bring a lot to the table.

Platinum jewelry offers a look of true elegance and perfection, which can add some spark to wedding and engagement rings/jewelry. Most people aren’t big fans of platinum because they are misled into believing that the metal will fade and lose its color over time.

In this article, we take a look at the color properties of platinum and whether it fades color over time. We also study some maintenance tips along with a comparison of platinum with white gold.

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Does Platinum Lose Color Over Time?

One popular perspective or myth in the market today is that platinum can lose its color over time and fade. The myth comes from the fact that Platinum can eventually take on a patina color with time and develop some scratches. The color itself offers a sheen of its own and cannot be compared to fading. Platinum maintains its color throughout its lifetime and is a good metal to choose from.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Platinum Jewelry

Since we now know that Platinum does not fade or lose its color with time, you should try to follow some maintenance tips and cleaning tips so that the metal looks as charming as it did on the first day. Platinum jewelry can maintain its shine over time if used with due care and concern.

You can follow the maintenance guidelines below to make sure that your platinum jewelry is well looked after:

  • Always remove your platinum jewelry if you are about to use harsh chemicals such as bleaches. This goes for individuals in the cosmetic industry, home gardeners and domestic cleaners. It is good that you keep your platinum jewelry safe from bleaches and other chemical products.
  • Taking on from the tip we mentioned above, you should always avoid gardening with your platinum jewelry on. Platinum jewelry does not react well to chemicals, which is why the excess chemicals can tarnish the look of the jewelry. Additionally, soil and fertilizer can also damage your platinum jewelry, which is why it is better to take it off.
  • Each piece of jewelry should be stored separately in different containers so that they aren’t being forced into a constrained space, which can cause chances of wear and tear
  • Always take your platinum ring or jewelry to the jeweler for a regular cleaning job on a bi-annual basis. You should take the ring to the cleaners for a cleaning job after every six months so that the signs of erosion that you see on the surface of the jewelry don’t stay for long.
  • Make sure that the jeweler you go to uses platinum stock equipment to reduce size and ensure repairs. White gold stock can damage the overall look and feel of the platinum jewelry, which is why it is best that you use platinum stock.

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How to Clean Platinum Jewelry?

While the tips above mentioned the tips you can follow for the maintenance of your platinum jewelry, we now look at the tips you can follow in cleaning your jewelry. Perhaps the best part about platinum jewelry, rings and necklaces is that you don’t necessarily have to clean them as frequently as you clean your silver, gold and other jewelry.

However, you cannot use the jewelry for ages without getting it cleaned, which is why you should follow a simple method for cleaning regularly. The method for cleaning platinum jewelry is pretty similar to the method for cleaning white gold or silver.

You need to start the cleaning process by first mixing up a solution made of warm water with mild soap. The mild soap mixed with warm water is found in most jewelry cleaners. You can get a jewelry cleaner for white gold, if you don’t want to prepare a unique concoction at your home.

Regardless of whether you prepare a concoction at home or buy a solution from a store, you should have a soft toothbrush ready with you. You can dip the toothbrush into the concoction and gently rub it against the platinum jewelry. Make sure that you do the rubbing gently and don’t leave any scratches on the surface of the jewelry. Just give the jewelry a gentle rinse when you are done with the entire purpose.

Make sure that you do not soak any gemstones if they are present on your platinum jewelry or ring. Doing so would lead to possible problems.

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What is So Special About Platinum Jewelry?

Platinum is one of the purest and strongest jewelry found in the market today. The extremely solid concoction ensures that the product is the sturdiest in the market and is resistant to basic forms of tarnishing and chipping. Platinum is also supposedly rarer than gold, which makes it ideal for engagement rings and wedding jewelry.

Does Platinum Jewelry Scratch?

Platinum jewelry scratches differently than some of the other metals in the market. Platinum jewelry can develop a light patina color over time and can give way to scratches. Platinum is also hypoallergenic in nature and is the perfect option for those that have sensitive skin.

Platinum is different from white gold in nature and comes with better sturdiness. White gold is an alloy of silver, nickel and zin, which means that it has a yellow tint to it. Platinum will merely get dull and does not fade like white gold.

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