What Is Fake Jewelry Made Of?

What Is Fake Jewelry Made Of?

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Gold, silver and platinum are the most valuable metals used to make jewelry. These are defined as fine jewelry and usually feature gemstones. What we would describe as fake jewelry, is jewelry that has been designed to look like real gold or silver but is made with other metals.

It is not merely as valuable or beautiful as fine jewelry. So, what is fake jewelry made of?

Fake jewelry or costume jewelry is normally made from base metals like brass, copper, aluminum, textiles or leather. They are also made with synthetic gemstones. These items are decorative but not as valuable as real or “fine” jewelry.

Fake jewelry, which is also called fashion jewelry or costume jewelry, are pieces meant to resemble real or fine jewelry. But, they aren’t made with precious metals like gold, silver, platinum or real gemstones. Instead they are made with metal alloys and just designed to simulate fine jewelry. 

These metal alloys are very inexpensive and are not meant to last a very long time. They cannot withstand heat and when they break, they cannot be fixed. 

Fine jewelry on the other hand can last for a lifetime and if it breaks, it can be repaired. It is very valuable. 

Fashion jewelry will often bend, or tarnish quickly. It also has no long term value. A piece of fake jewelry will include some of these metals and materials:

  • Gold-plated
  • Silver-plated
  • Sterling silver
  • Vermeil
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Textiles
  • Leather
  • Acrylic
  • Wood
  • Iron

Some may want to get fake jewelry because it resembles real jewelry but doesn’t cost very much. But, if you are looking for jewelry for a special occasion or that is valuable, then you should choose fine jewelry. 

You can find many silver pieces that are affordable and you won’t have to buy fake jewelry. 

So, fake jewelry is made from base metal alloys and fake gemstones. Its gemstones are usually made of plastic, glass, or crystals to resemble diamonds and precious stones. The metals used to make fake jewelry are made in such a way that it looks like real gold, silver, or platinum.

To see some of the most popular types of costume (fake) jewelry just click here. 

How Can I Tell If My Jewelry Is Real Or Fake?

If you own a piece of jewelry that looks real but you aren’t quite sure that it is, then you probably want to know how you can tell. So, how can you tell if your jewelry is real or fake?

The best way to find out if a piece of jewelry is real or fake is to take it to a jewlers for a professional appraisal. However, there are some at home tests that you can do as well. There are actually many ways you can check to see if your jewelry is real or fake. 

Some of the ways you can tell if your jewelry is fake or real is to find out how many karats it is. You can always locate the placement of the karat stamp. 

Another way to find out if you have real or fake jewelry is to do a magnet test. Real gold isn’t attracted to magnets but fake metal is. 

You can also conduct acid tests on your jewelry. But, it is recommended to have this done by a professional jeweler. 

That leads us to our last method which is to take it in for a professional appraisal. This is the best way to know exactly if you own a piece of real jewelry or just fake jewelry. If the metal of your jewelry is fake, then the gemstones most likely are too. And the same goes for real jewelry. 

An authentic gold or silver ring usually always features real gemstones. To find out if the gemstone is real or not, take it to a professional jeweler to be examined under a microscope.

Is Aluminum Safe To Wear As Jewelry?

Maybe you just want some pretty jewelry for everyday wear. It’s not an engagement or wedding ring and doesn’t have to be anything valuable or made out of precious stones. 

Well, if you are set on buying fake jewelry there are some to avoid and some that are fine to get. We’ve all heard about aluminum alloy jewelry. They even use aluminum in some sterling silver jewelry to make it more durable. 

But, is aluminum safe to wear as jewelry?

Unless you have a metal allergy, aluminum is a good hypoallergenic choice for jewelry. Depending on the alloy mixture the jewelry is made of however, it may cause skin discoloration.

Here are some of the reasons that aluminum is good for a fake jewelry option:

  • Aluminum is versatile. It can be used to make a variety of jewelry.
  • Aluminum is really light. It’s not heavy to wear and your jewelry still looks great.
  • Aluminum is hypoallergenic. It won’t make your skin itch even if you have a nickel allergy because it doesn’t contain nickel.
  • Aluminum doesn’t rust. Some fake jewelry is made from cheap material (like iron) that rust making your jewelry look ugly but aluminum doesn’t rust. It is iron free.
  • Aluminum doesn’t tarnish. It reacts with oxygen to develop a protective layer and is said to be a “Self Healing” metal.
  • Aluminum is easy to clean. It doesn’t need fancy cleaners or special care.
  • Aluminum is eco-friendly. It can be recycled and made from recycled materials.
  • Aluminum comes in all kinds of colors. That’s right, by placing it in a dye solution you can change its color which doesn’t flake off.
  • Aluminum looks like stealing silver. It is bright, shiny and silver colored and can be mistaken for sterling silver.
  • Aluminum is less expensive. It is a fraction of the price of a sterling silver piece making it great for a tight budget.

Metals like pewter and nickel which contain lead are unsafe to wear as jewelry and can lead to health risks. Some say that aluminum is not the best choice for jewelry but it is also true that aluminum is safe to wear and that it won’t harm you in any way. 

Unless of course, you have a metal allergy. 

If you are concerned about this, you should just avoid aluminum jewelry altogether. You can also talk to your doctor to see if aluminum is a metal for jewelry that you should avoid. The safest metals to wear are gold, silver, and platinum.

Final Thoughts

Fake jewelry is made from real metals. But, these are made to look like precious metals which in fact, they are not. 

Although it can resemble real gold or silver, fake jewelry is often made out of various base metals making it inexpensive but still looking shiny.

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