Can You Wear Gold And Silver Together?

Can You Wear Gold And Silver Together?

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Jewelry has mesmerized us for thousands of years. All throughout history you see jewelry representing power and wealth. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are worn by people all over the world. Some feature vivid gemstones and others sparkling diamonds. 

Some jewelry is made out of gold and some silver. Most of the time, when one chooses their jewelry, they choose either gold or silver to wear. If you have both gold and silver jewelry, there may be a time when you ask, can you wear gold and silver together?

You can wear gold and silver together but the pairing might look a little bit off or make you look stylish (depending on your style).Gold is a precious metal and silver is sophisticated and easy to style. Pairing them together might not look the best if it is yellow gold with silver according to some people while others love the different look. 

White gold with silver will match quite well however so most everyone will saying wearing those together is fine. 

Pairing gold and silver together in recent years however has become somewhat of a  fashion trend. The elegance of the gold contradicting the simplicity of the silver creates an appealing and beautiful look. There is a superstition stating that it is bad luck to wear gold and silver together, but like everything superstition, this just isn’t true. 

It is a high fashion statement. 

There are a lot of rules in the fashion world. And these rules are ever-changing. There are also many styles of fashion and everyone has their own unique style of what looks good on them and what they are comfortable wearing. 

You may have heard many people say how you shouldn’t mix metals in your accessories and that gold and silver is tacky. Although this might be true to some people, others love the fashion forward look. 

Mixing gold and silver can look great and can definitely be worn for a gorgeous look. Limiting yourself to only one metal can be boring. To liven things up a bit, you can wear gold and silver together. This goes for any necklace, bracelets, ring , or earring. 

Mixing the two metals can create a stunning look. So, yes, you can wear gold and silver together.

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How Do You Wear Gold And Silver Together?

Wearing gold and silver together can be beautiful and is trending in the fashion world. There was a time when the two would never be mixed but now it is completely acceptable.

This “rule” no longer exists. 

In moderation, gold and silver can definitely be worn together. Excessive jewelry is not what we are going for. Just a balanced touch of different metal that completes your outfit in a simple, yet eye-catching way. 

But, how do you wear gold and silver together?

You can wear gold and silver together by balancing the shades and avoiding excessive amounts of jewelry. Layering the metals can achieve an appealing and classy look. It is easy to pair gold and silver in your accessories but should be done correctly.

Sometimes pairing gold and silver can look like too much. You want to achieve the perfect symmetry without looking extreme. If you are wanting to try out wearing gold and silver jewelry together, you may not know where to start. 

Lucky for you, we are going to tell you how to achieve wearing the two metals paired with each other. When styling gold and silver together, try out these helpful tips on how to wear the two metal together in your accessories:

  1. Pair a combined shade of gold and silver. Choose a shade of gold to combine with a shade of silver. This way it looks uniform but not too ordinary. When you want to mix things up a bit, layering is the way to go.
  1. Just focus on one part of the body to display the gold and silver. It can be easy to get caught up in puting on jewelry, but there is such a thing as too much. Just choosing one or two places to adorn with gold and silver can look great and not overdone.
  1. Add in another color to help match the gold and silver. This color will accent when placed in between the two metals resulting in a lovely combination. So, think white diamonds, or black rhodium with gold and silver.
  1. Layer your jewelry in similar themes, sizes, or designs. To do this, choose pieces of accessories that are similar. Layer necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings that are close to the same theme, size, or design mixing in that gold and silver.
  1. Find a “bridge piece”. This is a piece that already has gold and silver combined and can easily be worn with either gold or silver metal to tie it all together. An example is a watch but any piece of jewelry can be used to pull it all together.
  1. Any permanent jewelry or outfit accessories don’t count as your bridge police. Wedding bands are always worn and any zippers, buttons, etc on outfits aren’t part of your jewelry look. So, overlook these and focus on the gold and silver you are pairing.
  1. Match style and not shade. The shade of gold and silver doesn’t matter as much as matching the style of what you are wearing. If you are dressing up, then your jewelry should be fancy. If you are more casual, then your jewelry should also be more casual.
  1. Balance the mix of gold and silver. Depending on what you are wearing, silver is brighter than gold and so when mixing pieces, balance them out. Either less silver and more gold or more silver and just a few pops of gold. Don’t stick with an even amount of both.
  1. Less is more. Don’t choose so many pieces to put together that it is overwhelming. This can look messy. The look you want is more classy so just choose a few pieces and like we said before, only choose one or two parts of the body to display these.
  1. Simple is more appealing than bulky. Simple jewelry is the thing. You don’t want a long bulky necklace paired with a delicate silver chain. Remember, we want to balance out the jewelry so it is stunning but doesn’t draw unwanted attention.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can wear gold and silver together. There is no rule saying that you can’t and it is quite fashionable now to wear the two metals together in your accessories. Just simple layers of the two metals paired together can take your look to the next level. 

Follow the helpful tips mentioned in this article on how to wear gold and silver together and you will look sophisticated and attractive. Remember the most beautiful thing you can wear is a smile but for that extra glow, a little gold and silver can take your look from normal to stunning.

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