What Is the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve And What Is It For?

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If you’re looking to change the way your money looks and moves, look no further than the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve. The Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve specialize in the buying of precious metals and bullion, and involvement with the company can help you make money off of your money as well as diversify your finances for added financial stability. But is it a good idea? Keep reading to discover what the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is, what it can do for you, and whether there is even a need for such a company.

Precious Metal and Rare Coin Definitions


A coin is a piece of metal with a stamp that is used in exchange for goods or services. Coins are usually round with various widths and made from various materials and material blends. Coins have been in use since ancient times.


Bullion refers to gold or silver that has been purchased in bulk before it has been made into coins; it can also refer to gold or silver that is valued by weight.


A reserve is a collection of a resource that is not needed or used immediately but can be called into action if necessary. In this case, the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve has a reserve of coins and bullion.


A mint is a place, usually run by the government, where money is created. The number of coins minted in each year affects the eventual value of the coins.


The price of a coin is how much money you spend to buy it.


The value of a coin is how much money someone or some company will pay for it. Both price and value are extremely important in determining whether or not you should join the precious metals and coins business.

Gold Spot Price

In theory, the price of one ounce of gold before it has been made into a coin or otherwise stamped or shaped. It fluctuates depending on market influences.

Precious Metal

Precious metals are gold, silver, and platinum.

What Makes Coins Valuable?

Generally, coins increase in value as their availability decreases. This is why older coins are generally more valuable than newer ones- they are rarer. Coin value does not always line up with their original value; for example, an especially rare make of penny coin from 1895 may be more valuable than the more readily available dollar coin from the same year.


Coin value is also influenced by the particular demand for a type of coin. If many people are interested in purchasing a certain type of coin, its value will increase.


The total availability of a coin is determined initially by how many copies of that coin were originally made. As time goes on, the U.S. Treasury will remove especially damaged coins from circulation and melt them down for future use in different coins.

What Makes Bullion Valuable?

Even without regard to other factors, bullion is valuable because it is, by definition, a precious metal. However, bullion prices can also be further determined by the demand of that particular metal as well as the mass quantity and the purity of the specimen to be bought or sold. Bullion (before it is stamped or minted) is much more valuable than any coins made out of the same material.

How Stable Are Coin and Bullion Prices?

Although precious metals and rare coins are generally thought of as exceptionally stable ways to preserve and store your money, they, like any type of currency, are subject to fluctuation in price. Make sure to do your research into the current highs and lows of the market before jumping into the world of coins and bullion.

What Is the Best Precious Metal to Invest In?

Silver is currently heralded as the top precious metal in which to invest although it is also currently the precious metal with the lowest value per ounce. Silver is less recycled as a material than platinum or gold because it is used in a variety of industries, so there is a chance that demand will skyrocket while supply remains the same.


At the end of 2017, gold was selling for nearly $1,300 an ounce, and gold bullion was predicted to average out at just over $1,300 per ounce throughout 2018. It is currently valued at around $1,200 per ounce.


Platinum has undergone some fluctuations in recent years; in 2017, it hit a high point, selling for around $1,000 per ounce. However, due to the use of platinum in non-electric vehicles (and the increase in the electric vehicle popularity and creation), platinum is expected to decline in value.


Because silver is used in both industry and trade, it can be a trickier metal to understand, buy, and sell effectively than the other two. Currently, silver is around $15 an ounce.

What Is the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve?

The Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is a precious metal firm that specializes in helping customers diversify their financial portfolio. Basically, the national coin and bullion reserve will help you buy precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. You can then keep your precious metals and coins for a rainy day, use them to invest in other financial opportunities, or sell them to one of the many prestigious coin and precious metal companies on the market.


The National Coin and Bullion Reserve specializes in pre-1993 US coins and bullion, modern American rare coins and bullion, foreign coins and bullion products, and IRA options for your gold, silver, and coinage.

Is There a Need for The Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve?

Unfortunately, the National Coin and Bullion Reserve has been the subject of some negative press and reviews recently. Multiple potential users have reported unprofessional bait-and-switch type behavior on the part of the National Coin and Bullion reserve.


Negative Press

The National Coin and Bullion Reserve has been in headlines recently due to customer complaints. Many reviews cite unfulfillment of orders as well as being encouraged to buy one type of product by advertisements, but upon contacting the National Coin and Bullion Reserve, being told that they really needed to purchase a much more expensive coin or bullion option.


However, the concept of the National Coin and Bullion Reserve is not necessarily a bad one just because some individuals have been unable to successfully utilize their services. If you decide to buy or sell coins or precious metals, make sure you are persistent in buying the number of coins you want or price-check with other businesses to get the payoff you deserve. Also consider the cost of any necessary shipping before making a purchase over the phone, by mail, or online.

How to Use the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve

The Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is one of the nation’s most respected precious metal dealers, so if you are looking to join the metals game, they are one of the best partners to have on your team. They specialize in getting you the most money for your metals or the most metal for your money to make sure that you are able to sustain monetary growth despite the ever-changing worldwide financial climate.


If you are interested in using Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve to solidify your finances or diversify your portfolio, it is as easy as a couple of mouse clicks to do so. Simply access their website (www.nationwidecoins.com) and select the type of material or coin you want to purchase. Make sure that as you make your selection, you factor in shipping costs and the weight of the purchased material.


The Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve is also used to protect and provide for retirement. After you have spoken to a specialist with the company, you can determine how much gold (or other precious metal) you would like to set aside in your Gold/Precious Metal IRA account. It will then be held for you in a safe and secure location where you can access your account at any time.


If you decide to purchase from the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve, experts in a variety of coin and bullion fields will ensure you are paying the correct price and that you are getting the product you have purchased. The Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve team consists of precious metal and rarities consultants, economic and economy trend analysts, and numismatic experts.


While it is not for everyone, investing in rare coins and/or precious metals can give you monetary flexibility and security in an uncertain time. The collection of rare coins especially could foster a love of collecting and coin-hunting that could span generations and make memories for you and your family to treasure even more than the rare coins.


Many considerations should be made before investing in rare coins or precious metals: fully vet and investigate the company through which you are purchasing and take your time before making a decision. Consider whether or not you have space to store bullion as that product takes up significantly more space than a handful of rare coins. Before making any moves, do your homework, talk to dealers and collectors, and make sure that you are making the most of your money.

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