Is White Gold Better Than Rose Gold?

Is White Gold Better Than Rose Gold?

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There are three main types of gold: white, rose, and yellow.

Although all types of gold are relatively similar, they have two main distinguishing factors: color and composition.

If you are looking to buy gold jewelry but unable to decide which color or type is best suited for your preference, then look no further than this article.

Rose gold is the better option because it matches every skin tone instead of white gold, which complements only fair and rosy skin. Rose gold is also cheaper and more durable compared to white gold, and its signature pink color makes it more romantic and an ideal romantic present for your partner.

However, you must make a fair comparison to decide for yourself which is the better option.

Price and composition are the main factors that affect your decision to buy the best gold type for yourself.

Let’s explore some of the characteristics of white gold and rose gold.

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What is White Gold?

White gold is given its characteristic color by the presence of other metal alloys in pure gold, including nickel, silver, and palladium.

Palladium is often coated with rhodium to prevent oxidization of the outermost layer.

White gold is real but not completely pure; metal alloys are added to lower the composition of gold in a piece of jewelry to give it a certain characteristic and lower the price.

The metals provide durability to gold jewelry, and many people prefer white gold to pure gold simply because of its extra versatility for daily use.

Rose gold is a suitable choice for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces, which means you can find it in any design.

The value or price of white gold mainly depends on whether it is 14 or 18 Karats, with the latter being more expensive due to the higher composition of gold present in a piece of jewelry.

You can expect the price of white gold rings to vary according to the design.

A simple solitaire design can cost 180 USD, while a more intricate vintage design costs 2500 USD.

The price also depends on the vendor, but mainly on gold composition and ring design.

Pros And Cons of White Gold

The pros of white gold include:

  • White gold is less expensive than platinum and is currently seeing a trend of higher popularity than yellow gold.
  • It is also more durable than yellow gold because of the addition of stronger metals that make it scratch-free and a favorite of many.
  • Some people also claim that it goes well with diamonds, better than yellow gold.
  • It also matches with fair and rosy skin tones.

However, as with many items, it has some cons:

  • White gold must be dipped every other year to retain most of its color and luster.
  • You also need to get it recoated with rhodium because that also wears off with time.
  • However, the process is relatively inexpensive, and most jewelers often provide the service for free.
  • There is also the presence of nickel in many white gold pieces, and some people have nickel allergies, which means people cannot wear it without an allergic reaction.
  • It is not hypoallergenic unless nickel is removed from the composition, and many white gold pieces contain nickel.

2 carat Round Cut Morganite and Black Diamond Trio Wedding Set Bridal Ring Set in 10k Rose Gold

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is essentially a mixture of gold, copper, and silver; it is real but not pure.

The copper and silver make rose gold items more durable, and copper adds its characteristic rose color.

The greater the composition of copper in a rose gold item, the redder it appears.

An 18 Karat rose gold piece contains 75% gold and 25% copper.

Like white gold, rose gold is an alloy, which means it doesn’t exist in pure form.

If you’re wondering what the characteristic colors of rose gold are, they include all shades of red, rose, and pink.

You can expect a typical rose gold item to have a lustrous pink hue, and many reputable vendors like James Allen have popular pieces in that very shade.

Rose gold does not tarnish over time, although like all gold items, it needs to be polished and cleaned now and again.

Pros And Cons of Rose Gold

Some of the pros of rose gold include:

  • It is fashionable for both men and women to wear it, especially as a gold ring.
  • Rose gold is a popular choice due to its pinkish colors, making it more romantic than other types of gold.
  • Many rose gold items are often cheaper than other types of gold due to the presence of copper, which is a relatively inexpensive metal in small quantities.
  • The presence of copper makes rose gold more durable than other types of gold and is one of the reasons many people prefer to buy a rose gold ring.
  • It also matches well with any skin tone, making it the more popular choice among all individuals.

However, there are some cons, which include:

It is not hypoallergenic, meaning that it has the potential to cause allergic reactions in a fraction of the population.

Rose gold is not available everywhere despite being popular and in-style, which means that you might have to spend some time searching for the right piece that fits your preference.

Final Verdict

Although both types of gold are popular, and ultimately the decision to buy either is based on personal preference, rose gold is still more versatile and inclusive.

People wishing to opt for a cheaper option may choose to go with a 14 Karat piece of white gold or rose gold due to a higher composition of other metal alloys present.

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