Is Pandora Jewelry Good Quality?

Is Pandora Jewelry Good Quality?

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Pandora is one of the largest jewelry brands and many love their jewelry. Known for its unique collection of charms and charm bracelets, and even earrings, necklaces, and rings, it’s no wonder people everywhere love their jewelry. 

The dazzling pieces of gold and silver are sold at an affordable price but, this can prompt an important question. Is Pandora jewelry decent quality?

Pandora’s jewelry is made with good quality. Each piece is hand-finished and high quality. Pandora jewelry is made from real and authentic gold or silver (or gold plated) mixed with an alloy to make it durable but each piece sold at their stores are quality items.

It is important to note that Pandora’s jewelry is often cheaper than jewelry from other jewelers because they use man made stones (in most of their jewelry) as well as offer lesser quality gold (including gold plated). Man made stones are cheaper than natural stone so that helps keep the cost of their items lower than those jewelers who use natural stones. 

Pandora is well-known for their customizable charm collection. These can come in different styles and designs and each charm can be worn on bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Each charm symbolizes something different and a special moment in life. 

Pandora has so many designs of charms that are beautiful, playful, and commemorative. They are all about expressing yourself through the personalized pieces and celebrating special moments. Along with the charms at Pandora being a symbol of milestones, they are also very beautiful. 

Different from other charm bracelets, Pandora’s jewelry is high quality. They are typically made with 18k or 14k gold or sterling silver for jewelry that is quality but also durable. 

Pandora doesn’t sell pure gold or pure silver pieces because these metals are too soft and could easily be damaged. So, by mixing them with alloys, you get a high quality real gold or silver piece that is strong enough for everyday wear. 

Some of the gemstones sold at Pandora are real but only less than 1 percent of them are. Most are made in a lab and resemble natural stones. Because of this, the gemstone pieces of jewelry are more affordable than those that contain real stones. 

The real stone pieces are much more expensive to purchase. They are also scratch-resistant and durable. Customers at Pandora are mesmerized by the sparkling variety of their jewelry that is so affordable yet quality.

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Does Pandora Jewelry Last?

Pandora is considered to be the second most popular jewelry brand among jewelry buyers. Women everywhere love their sparkling jewelry for its affordability and beauty. Pandora jewelry is the perfect gift for someone who wants to remember something special that happened in their lives by wearing a charm on their wrist or around their neck that symbolizes it. 

If you have a charm bracelet, necklace or earrings then your loved ones can buy you charms that symbolize special moments in life that you go through.  As we mentioned, they sell quality pieces that are also affordable. 

But, does Pandora jewelry last?

Pandora jewelry will last quite a while. However, some of the gold-plated or silver jewelry will fade over time. This is due to normal wear and tear from everyday wear and isn’t because of a defect with the jewelry.

When gold-plated or silver jewelry is exposed to air, sweat, perfume, chlorine, and cleaners, it causes the metal to oxidize, fading its color. This is called tarnishing. It is perfectly normal for this to happen to gold-plated or silver jewelry and since Pandora sells these types of pieces, it could happen to their jewelry. 

Over time, everyday wear of the jewelry can cause it to become less lustrous. But, in order to keep the jewelry in good condition, there is something you can do. To help your Pandora charm bracelet, necklace, earrings, or other types of jewelry purchased from them look good for longer, be sure to clean it! 

Your jewelry should be frequently polished with a soft polishing cloth and a cleaner used once a month or whenever you feel like it needs some extra shine. Many companies sell a jewelry care kit just for this. 

Pandora’s jewelry does last and to help it to last longer, it should be cleaned regularly.

Is Pandora Jewelry Worth Buying?

Started in 1982, a Danish goldsmith and his wife, Per and Winnie Enevoldsen, founded Pandora in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then the store has grown into the world’s biggest jewelry brand. 

In 1989, the very first ring was manufactured in Thailand. It wasn’t until 2000 that Pandora’s signature charm bracelet was released allowing women to create their own unique collection of jewelry that expressed their personality as well as their lives’ special milestones and moments. 

They say that their heart charm is fundamental to many of their designs. From then on, Pandora has had some loyal customers. But, is Pandora jewelry really worth buying?

Pandora jewelry is worth buying for many people. They sell quality pieces that are also affordable. If you are someone who likes to remember special moments in life by wearing a piece of jewelry symbolizing it, then Pandora jewelry is worth buying. 

Pandora jewelry can be bought as a gift and when the receiver wears the charm on their Pandora bracelet can remember who gave it to them and the special day that the charm represents. 

You can see why Pandora has many loyal customers. 

When something new and exciting happens, they can receive a new charm symbolizing it on their bracelet, necklace, or earrings. Click here to check out their large variety of dazzling charms and other jewelry at Pandora.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for long lasting fancy jewelry that can be worn casual or dressy, then Pandora has some excellent pieces. But, if you want expensive high-end diamonds and precious gemstones, or pure gold or silver, this isn’t the place to get it. 

Pandora is worth buying though if you like to wear your jewelry everyday and it still be quality but at an affordable price. And since you can choose charms for special moments like birthdays, anniversaries, getting married, having a baby, or Valentine’s day, (along with many more) it makes for the perfect gift.

Pandora jewelry is quality. It’s made with real and authentic metals such us 14k and 18k gold as well as sterling silver. These aren’t pure, but added alloys allow the jewelry to be durable while also making the pieces affordable. Pandora’s jewelry can be worn everyday and with all of the charms symbolizing moments in one’s life, it makes for the perfect gift. Women all over the world love that why can create personalized and high quality jewelry at an affordable price. As you can see, Pandora jewelry is quality.

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