What Does 375 Stamp On Gold Mean?

What Does 375 Stamp On Gold Mean?

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Are you looking into buying or selling some gold? If so, you probably want to be able to sell it for a good price or buy it at a fair price. The purity of your gold will account for how much you can ask for it or how much you are going to spend for each piece.  

Each piece of gold is normally marked with a stamp for how pure of a piece it is. Traditionally, this stamp mark tells you how many karats the gold is. If you find numbers on the gold instead, you may wonder what this means, especially if you are wanting to buy or sell the gold. 

You may have seen the number 375 marked on a piece of jewelry. What does a 375 stamp on gold mean?

If gold is stamped with a 375 mark then it means that it is 37.5 percent pure or 9 karat gold. The higher the number the more gold is in the piece. So, if the gold was stamped with the number 999 it would be pure gold.

A hallmark is a sign showing that gold meets a set of standards. The hallmark on gold is a number which stands for how much pure gold it is made with. So, a piece of gold marked with the numbers 375 is only 37.5 percent pure gold. 

The rest of it is made of alloy metals. 

These metals are usually copper or zinc but make the gold more durable. Pure gold is soft and easily damaged so when an alloy is added, it makes it stronger. But, this also makes it less valuable. A 375 stamp means that the gold is only 9 karat gold so it wouldn’t be worth as much as a piece of gold jewelry that was 14k, 18k, or 24k. 

This stamp mark is a simple way to prove it’s purity to buyers or sellers. You can plainly see that the gold is a certain amount of purity based on the numbers it is stamped with. Now, no gold products are 100 percent pure because it can be very difficult to filter out other metals found in the gold. 

The stamp mark (also called “hallmark”) can show how pure a piece of gold is when compared to another. If you want to test your jewelry to be sure what kind of gold it is you will want to get a gold test kit. 

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What Does A 375 Stamp On Jewelry Mean?

Gold products are traditionally marked with a karat value instead of a hallmark. Pure gold will be marked with 24k, 75 percent pure gold is marked with 18k, 58.5 percent pure gold is marked with 14k, and 37.5 percent pure gold is marked with 9k. The number 375 is basically an indication of how much gold is in the piece of jewelry or what it may be made up of. 

The rest of it is made of metal alloys. Metal alloys are added to make the piece more durable since pure gold is soft and can be easily damaged. 

So, what does a 375 stamp on jewelry mean?

The 375 hallmark on gold jewelry means the same thing as on other pieces of gold. It means that the piece is 37.5 percent pure gold which is 9 karat gold. It is closer to the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to being a valuable piece of gold.

Many buyers looking for pure gold will bypass the 375 stamped one and be interested instead in a higher purity of 999. 375 is on the lower end of the purity spectrum and therefore isn’t worth very much in the whole scheme of things. But how do they come up with this number of 375, you ask? 

Well, it is measured in parts per thousand. 

So, gold printed with a 375 hallmark has 375 gold parts out of a thousand parts. This means that it is 37.5 percent pure or 9 karat gold.

Let’s look into the different hallmarks for gold. Each of these show how pure the metal is. This goes for all shades of gold – yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The difference between the shade is how much of an added alloy it contains. 

So, yellow gold contains more copper, white gold contains nickel and rose gold contains more copper. So, when you are buying or selling gold, the hallmark shows you how much pure gold it is made of and according to this, you can figure out how valuable it is.

Gold Hallmark/ Stamp Meanings

  • 375 – 9 karat gold
  • 585 – 14 karat gold
  • 750 – 18 karat gold
  • 916 – 22 karat gold
  • 990 – 24 karat gold
  • 999 – Fine gold

How Much Is 375 Gold Worth?

Now that we know what a piece of gold that has been stamped with 375 means let’s take a look at how much it is worth. 

The worth of gold is determined by its pure gold content, its weight, and the current price of gold. A piece of gold with a hallmark of 375 on it is worth about $23 per gram.

According to the current price of gold, 375 gold is only worth $22.95 per gram. You can find how many karats the gold is by using the list of hallmarks we discussed earlier in this article. 

Here is a list showing the worth of gold according to how many karats it is:

  • 9k = $22.95 per gram
  • 14k = $35.61 per gram
  • 18k = $45.91 per gram
  • 22k = $56.13 per gram
  • 24k = $61.20 per gram

The higher the hallmark means the higher the karats of the gold and the higher the karats, the higher the price per gram. 24k gold is a lot more valuable than 9k gold (more than double). So if you have some 24k gold jewelry you can expect to get a much higher price for it.  

There are tests you can do to find the exact karat of a piece of jewelry even if it isn’t stamped. As mentioned above, test kits can be purchased to help you ensure that any gold jewelry that you are buying is actually made of gold and is not fake. 

Jewelry can end up having a higher price than just its melting value because it has been carefully created into a ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings. So, the time and effort spent in making the piece is factored into its cost. 

If you are buying or selling some gold, the melting value should be the least that you go. Right now, gold made with the highest amount of our gold, 24k gold, is worth about $61 per gram and gold made with the lowest amount of our gold, 9 karat gold is worth about $23 per gram.

Final Thoughts

Traditionally, gold is marked by how many karats it is, but if you find a number on the gold, this also shows how pure it is (assuming the stamp isn’t fake). This can be helpful if you are buying or selling gold and need to know its worth. 

The number you find on a piece of gold is the hallmark of the gold, showing how pure it is. 24k gold is 99 percent pure and 375 is only 37.5 percent pure gold. If you have a piece of gold that features a stamp of 375, this means that it is 9 karat gold.

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