Is JCPenney Jewelry Real?

Is JCPenney Jewelry Real?

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JCPenney doesn’t just sell clothing or home decor, they also sell jewelry. Walking past the jewelry section at the store the sparkles glittering from rings and necklaces catch your eye.

They are definitely beautiful and attractive, but is JCPenney jewelry real?

JCPenney does sell real jewelry but some of their jewelry is “fake” (not real gold or diamonds) as well. They try to cater to all sorts of price ranges so some of their jewelry will be real gold and diamonds while others will be cheaper imitations. 

JCPenney has partnered with leading jewelry brands and suppliers around the world. This is proof enough that you don’t have to be concerned that their jewelry is fake. 

In fact, not only is Jcpenney’s gold not only real, but is also certified. Now, most retail and department stores sell jewelry that falls in the category of fashion jewelry and JCPenney is not expensive. Fashion jewelry means that the sparkling and shiny jewelry is silver or gold-plated or a lower amount of karats. 

But, you should remember that although JCPenney sells fashion jewelry (so looks nice but isn’t real gold or diamonds), they also sell fine jewelry. Their gold and gold-plated jewelry is made with real gold and anything that they say is real diamonds is real as well. 

JCPenney is a great store to get a real jewelry piece that won’t cause you to go into debt. If you don’t want to spend tons of money on a necklace, bracelet, earring, or ring, but you still want it to look shiny and classy, then JCPenney has the fashion jewelry for you. JCPenny offers a wide selection of styles, designs, colors, levels of clarity, variety of cuts, different grades, etc. 

You can find a lot of jewelry at this department store from selling a variety of fashion jewelry to fine jewelry to wedding rings. They have some affordable but beautiful jewelry to choose from. 

All of their jewelry that says that it contains gold, silver, or platinum really does. JCPenney’s jewelry is real.

To see some of the most popular jewelry pieces that you can get currently just click here. 

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Does JCPenney Sell Necklaces?

If you enjoy shopping at the mall, then chances are you have stopped in JCPenney and seen their large selection of jewelry. Among their vast selection of genomes and precious metal jewelry, does JCPenney sell necklaces?

JCPenney does sell a variety of necklaces at a variety of price points. The store has a wide selection of different types of necklaces ranging from inexpensive to expensive. JCPenney also offers their customers many options for rings, earrings, bracelets, and watches.

So, JCPenney sells necklaces. Among all types of jewelry, you can also buy engagement and wedding ring sets at JCPenney. When purchasing jewelry of any kind you want it to be the right kind and your money’s worth. 

So, if you are looking for a high-value diamond engagement ring, it would be better to go with a high-quality brand on that one. But, if you are looking for engagement rings that are more affordable and still beautiful, out of all the department stores, JCPenney offers its customers the widest selection. 

They will even work with you to craft and customize the rings into one made with special stones or a specific diamond setting.

JCpenney is a leading department store. They sell many things, among which is jewelry. In the jewelry section of the store, you will find many necklaces. These necklaces come in a variety of styles, designs, colors, etc. 

JCPeneney also sells other types of jewelry. They offer their customers rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, wedding ring sets, and necklaces. You will want to be somewhat knowledgeable about jewelry and what brands are the best if you are shopping for jewelry at JCPenney. 

But, yes, JCPenney sells many different types of necklaces. 

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What Does JCPenney Stand For?

So, they sell alot of jewelry and their fine jewelry is actually real. JCPenney has been satisfying their customers for over 100 years. If you are wondering about its history you may ask the question, what does JCPenney stand for ?

The popular department store was named after its founder, James Cash Penney. It was originally named “The Golden Rule” and it wasn’t until 1913 that the store’s name was changed to JCPenney.

Let’s look at the interesting history of JCPenney:

  1. A man by the name of James Cash Penney founded JCPenney in 1902 in Kenmerer, Wyoming after Mr. Penny’s butcher shop failed. According to the Wyoming State Historical Society, this town was a small coal mining town where the store sold goods to coal miners and their families at affordable prices.
  1. The store started in Wyoming was called “The Golden Rule” which the company says sets the standard for which they have operated for more than a century, by treating others the way it would like to be treated. This original name was eventually changed to its founder’s name in 1913.
  1. Still abiding by their motto, JCPenney has a nonprofit organization called the JCPenney Foundation which supports the Y, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and After-School All-stars organizations, by helping to provide clothing and career readiness programs to underserved children.
  1. JCPenney established its headquarters in New York City in 1914 (this was relocated to Plano, Texas from Manhattan in 1988) and introduced its first private label brand which led to more. It became publicly traded in 1929 a week before the market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression. The company grew with the expansion of more stores, reaching $1 billion in sales in 1951. JCPenney had a “cash only” policy until 1958.
  1. J.C.Penney made his rounds to his stores during the 1960s even helping customers. He served on the board of directors until his death in 1971 at the age of 95.

JCPenney had grown into one of the most popular department stores but in recent years as the shopping trends have shifted online and away from malls JCPenny’s stores have started to have trouble. Although they have not had to file for bankruptcy or anything (as of yet) many other department stores in the same malls have closed (think Montgomery Wards and Sears). 

JCPenney does sell a variety of items like apparel, home furnishings, cosmetics, cookware, and jewelry in their many stores across the country and online at which may be why they are one of the last remaining department stores of their kind. Offering affordable prices for all, many enjoy shopping at this store. 

Like I said earlier, they also sell jewelry which was discussed earlier in this article. Their collections consist of classic and new pieces that range from fashion jewelry to fine jewelry. The name JCpenney stands for the man who founded it but it also stands for their “Golden Rule” principle.

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Final Thoughts

JCPenney jewelry is real and they have a wide selection to choose from. They offer more affordable fashion jewelry but also fine jewelry that is made with authentic and certified materials. 

You can find some stunning jewelry at JCPenney that is not only beautiful but real.

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