Is Macy’s Jewelry Real?

Is Macy’s Jewelry Real?

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Have you ever walked through Macy’s and thought, I want to stop in their jewelry section. Typically, when you’re shopping at Macy’s you are there for clothes, decor, makeup, or handbags. 

When you think of purchasing jewelry, typically your first thought isn’t, let’s go to Macy’s; you think of more well-known establishments known for selling only jewelry.

Does this mean that the jewelry at Macy’s is worth it? Is the jewelry at Macy’s quality jewelry? The jewelry at Macy’s may look nice, but is it real? 

The jewelry at Macy’s is real. In addition to their jewelry being made from real gold, they also create their own colored diamonds. The diamonds are grown in controlled conditions which allow for perfect diamonds. 

However, just because the gold or jewels are real doesn’t mean that they will be as valuable as the jewelry bought from a normal jeweler. Often the amount of gold or the quality of the jewels is lower at department stores. So although the jewelry might be real the quality will often be much lower. 

Are There Benefits To Lab-Grown Diamonds?  

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming more and more prevalent. Instead of mining for diamonds in deep, dark, caves, you can grow real diamonds in a lab. Since the diamonds are grown in a lab, does this mean the diamonds are lower quality? 

Are there any benefits to having diamonds lab-grown instead of grown naturally? 

The main benefit of lab-grown diamonds is that their chemical structure is the same as that of diamonds. Another benefit is that since it is lab-grown instead of mined, you can get the same size diamond for about 30% less. Lastly, lab-grown diamonds are certified and also come with a unique ID of their own. 

When Is the Best Time To Purchase Jewelry? 

It is always the “best time” to make a big purchase for jewelry, but when it comes to price point, is there a better time? Typically February is full of sales, you’ve got Valentine’s Day sales and President’s Day sales. The summer has Independence Day sales, Memorial Day Sales, Labor Day sales, and more! 

When it comes to jewelry, is there a specific event or sale to watch out for when purchasing jewelry? 

There are a few different “good” times to purchase jewelry.

Holiday Sales

Typically any holiday sale is a great time to purchase jewelry. The best sales for jewelry will happen around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you are planning on making your jewelry purchase during holiday sales, be prepared for a crowded store. 

Post Holiday Sales

Jewelry will often be marked up pre-holidays, marked down during, and down just a little lower after the holidays. If you are not a fan of crowds, you can wait to purchase your jewelry after the holidays. 


During the month of February, jewelry is typically in high demand. Since jewelry is in such high demand during the month of February, jewelers will typically be well-stocked during that time. Whatever pieces that were not sold during the month of February will be typically marked down during the month of March. 

Summer Months

Typically there aren’t many “romantic” things happening in the summer. There may be summer weddings, but the rings can be bought months in advance. Typically, there aren’t many proposals during the summer months, they happen during fall or winter. During the summer months, jewelry will typically be marked down and go on sale. 

What Should You Know Before Purchasing Expensive Jewelry? 

Purchasing expensive jewelry can be a bit daunting. You walk into a jewelry store and see cases upon cases full of jewelry. You begin to search for anything that might catch your eye. You found a few rings that you like, but when you see the price tag, it’s not as appealing anymore. 

Is purchasing expensive jewelry worth it? You can buy pieces that are just as pretty for half the price. Expensive jewelry should last quite a bit longer than your everyday jewelry pieces. When you go to purchase your longer-lasting jewelry, what are some things to look for or know ahead of time? 

Purchase your jewelry from trusted sources

If you have found some nice pieces at a well-known jewelry establishment, then you don’t typically question the quality of your purchase. If you are shopping online or at pawn shops, it’s best to ask questions and make sure that the price they are asking for is actually what the piece is worth. 

Check the metals that you are purchasing

Typically, the more expensive a piece of jewelry, the longer-lasting it should be. This may not always be the case. Some metals don’t do well in certain environments. For example, if you work with your hands a lot, (construction, mechanics, etc.) then gold may not be the best choice. Your ring will become dinged and dented rather quickly. 

The best option for metal might be the tungsten, it’s built to last and hold up in rough environments. Though a gold ring may be more expensive, it may not last as long as tungsten. Always keep the type of metal in mind when purchasing expensive jewelry and whether or not it’s right for you. 

Inspect the prongs and stones

Again, if you are purchasing your jewelry from a well-established business. You won’t have to worry as much about the quality of the prongs and stones. It still never hurts to check and ask whether or not the prongs are susceptible to breaking which in turn leads to loose and then lost stones. 

If you can already feel that something is wrong with prongs and stones, be sure to get it fixed before leaving. 

Always purchase the insurance

You have just spent a good chunk of change on purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry, you want to make sure this piece will last for a long time if not even a lifetime! To help ensure that your jewelry will stay looking like new forever, purchase the insurance. 

It is there to help when prongs break and stones become loose or lost. It’s there to help reshape your ring when years of working with your hands have taken a toll. It’s there for when you’ve lost the back of your favorite pair of earrings and need a replacement. It’s there to replace a tarnishing or broken chain on your favorite necklace.

Insurance is there to help ensure your jewelry stays looking its best forever. 

Final Thoughts

While you may not think of Macy’s as a place to purchase jewelry, you can. Macy’s has a great selection of jewelry that is of great quality. You can also choose from a great selection of lab-grown diamonds. 

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