Is It Bad To Sleep With Rings On?

Is It Bad To Sleep With Rings On?

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After you get engaged or even right after you are married, you can’t stop looking at your glittering diamond ring. Not only because of how beautiful it is, but because of the love you share with the one who gave it to you. 

You will need to wear the ring all of the time. Of course, during the day, you should. But, what about at night? Is it bad to sleep with rings on?

Surprisingly it is not recommended to sleep with rings on. This is true for engagement rings, wedding rings, or any other type of rings. This can result in some things that can be avoided if you take the ring off before you go to sleep for the night.

Sleeping with your rings on can be bad for you. No matter how much you love the rings, you should take them off when you go to bed. That can help you to avoid certain unnecessary happenings. It is okay to take the ring off and put it back on the next day. 

In fact, it is recommended not to sleep with rings on. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t sleep with your rings on:

  1. It can put pressure on the ring and cause the prongs to bend. If the prongs become loose, then you could lose that sparkling diamond right out of the ring. The added pressure from sleeping with the ring on can also cause the ring to bend and not be so circular anymore. Gold is a soft metal so you should be careful not to put unneeded pressure on your ring.
  1. The blankets or sheets could snag on the ring. This could result in loose prongs as well. Another thing that could get caught in the ring is your hair. Again, if you pull on the ring when it’s wrapped around your hair or the sheet and blankets, this could loosen the prongs and you could lose a diamond or bend the ring. You could also wind up pulling your hair which would really hurt.
  1. You could scratch your face/skin with the ring (or your sleeping partner). That could cause scratches that you will now have to hide with makeup and explain how you got them. You don’t want to wake up with a scratched face because you wore your huge diamond ring to sleep in. 

I remember when my husband and I were first married I ended up giving him a pretty nasty scratch while we were sleeping by scraping the ring across his face. It hurt him (obviously) and made me feel really bad. If I would have removed my ring before going to sleep this wouldn’t have happened. 

Wearing your rings to bed a few times won’t cause a lot of damage but if this is done consistently, it could. I know you never want to take it off, but it is better to be safe than sorry. To keep your ring in good condition, you shouldn’t wear it to sleep in. 

It can be bad to sleep with rings on since you could bend it, loosen the prongs, lose the diamond, or injure yourself or sleeping partner. 

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Should I Take My Rings Off At Night?

Right after you receive the engagement or wedding ring, you stare at its beauty as it sparkles in the sunlight. You will want to wear it as much as you can and while this is understandable, there is a time when you should take it off. 

Should you take all of your rings off at night?

You should take your rings off at night. Sleeping with your rings on can have some unnecessary effects. Taking your ring off can help keep your ring in good condition and it is easy to put back onto your finger the next day.

If you are staying in a hotel and are concerned that you may forget to put it in and accidentally leave it there the next morning, then it can be okay to just wear the ring to sleep in. But for the most part, you should take it off before you head to bed. 

At home, you may want to consider getting a ring dish to put on your dresser or nightstand to keep your ring safe until you put it on the next day. Sometimes you may be afraid that you will misplace or lose the ring if you take it off but, having a dedicated spot like this will prevent this. 

As a side note, you may want to look into getting the ring insured just in case something ever happened to it (lost, stolen, etc.). So, yes, you should take your rings off at night.

Is It Bad To Keep Your Rings On All Of The Time?

It’s understandable that you would want to wear your engagement, or wedding ring all of the time, even while you sleep. It is gorgeous and you love the one who gave it to you. 

But, is it bad to keep your rings on all of the time?

It isn’t bad for you to wear your rings all the time,  but it can result in some bad things happening to the ring. If you are sleeping, showering, cleaning, doing dishes, etc. it is recommended to remove your ring and put it back on after you are done with the task to prevent damaging your special rings. 

There are no major health risks by wearing your rings all of the time. The worst that could happen is you bend the ring or loosen the prongs, or end up with a scratched face. But, because you don’t want to lose the diamonds from your ring along with other things, you will want to take the ring off before sleeping or doing other tasks. 

It is also recommend that you should also avoid wearing rings when doing these everyday tasks:

  1. Sleeping – You could get it caught on blankets or sheets and loosen the prongs. The pressure from sleeping could also bend the ring, you could also scratch your face or skin while sleeping with your ring on.
  1. Working out – This can put pressure on the ring. Gold is soft and can be easily bent if enough pressure is applied to it. It is recommended to get a groove ring to wear to work out instead of your diamond ring. 
  1. Moisturizing – Doing this while wearing your ring can cause excess build-up. So it should be removed before using moisturizer. 
  1. Primping – Using hair spray, and perfume can cause buildup on the ring so it should be removed. 
  1. Putting on makeup – Your cosmetics could cause buildup on your ring.
  1. Swimming – Cold water shrinks your fingers making it easier for the ring to slip off into the water. Chlorine can also damage and discolor the ring.
  1. Cleaning – Damage can be done to the rings by banging it on hard surfaces or by getting harsh chemicals on it. This can alter the color of the ring.
  1. Cooking – Germs and bacteria could get lodged in the ring setting during food prep and cooking so it should be removed during cooking prep. 
  1. Doing dishes – The ring could easily slip off your finger and down the drain and the soap could cause damage to the ring as well. 
  1. Showering – The ring sould slip off your finger and the oils from your soap could dull the ring. Exfoiliators could also scratch it.

It is okay to take the ring off when you are doing any of these things. To keep your ring in good condition and keep it looking beautiful, take it off when you are doing everyday tasks such as these and even when you are going to sleep. 

Although it doesn’t have any major health issues associated with it, it can be bad to wear your ring all of the time.

Final Thoughts

It can be bad to sleep or do certain things with rings on because the pressure could bend the ring or loosen the prong and result in a lost diamond. To avoid this, put your ring in a ring dish before you head to bed, shower, clean, etc. 

This way you will keep the ring looking beautiful and in good condition.

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