Is Black Gold Real Gold?

Is Black Gold Real Gold?

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Black gold is not a naturally occurring substance, but rather, it’s the most recent trend in the jewelry business. Black gold can be real gold that has been blackened. Black gold is different from rose gold since, in rose gold, the gold is mixed with copper to give the rose color.

Whereas, in black gold, we only find a painting or plating of black. Sometimes, however, the manufacturers can also mix other metals in gold to give it a darker color that resembles black.

Many decades ago, black gold was a name to define petroleum or oil. Many people called oil “black gold” because anyone who found some could get a lot of money, similar to discovering some gold. However, in recent times, black gold is referred to as blackened gold or real gold that’s black. The question remains, is black gold real gold? Yes, it is.

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What Makes up Black Gold?

Black gold is very similar to yellow gold. However, manufacturers will use mixing and matching to convert it into a different color of gold. Black is not the only color that manufacturers can give to gold. Instead, gold can be colored in many different shades by adding certain metals.

For black gold, manufacturers are likely to use metals like cobalt. The ratio they follow is generally 3:1, where there are three parts of gold to one part of the metal they will use to change the gold’s color. Black gold is an alloy. However, black gold is generally quite different from all the other alloys of gold.

Besides mixing and making alloys, there are also other methods of making black gold.

Methods of Manufacturing Black Gold

There are many other methods of manufacturing black gold. Some of these methods are stated below:

  1. Oxidizing

Oxidation is done by adding many acids into the mix. When we do this, the metal surface will darken or oxidize.

  1. Blackening

The method involves brushing a paint-like liquid onto the surface of the gold. It’s painted thoroughly so that the black bleeds into the nooks and crannies. It must also remain as such. It’s also necessary for you to polish the top so that the black can remain as such.

  1. Black Enamel

Enamel can also be baked onto the surface of the black jewelry so that the color remains. Manufacturers will do this in the same way that they do it with ceramics. A shiny gloss appears on the jewelry.

  1. Black Rhodium Plating

Black rhodium is not a naturally occurring substance. Instead, it is created in a lab. When you plate your gold using black rhodium, the color will change. Additionally, we also find that the plating will wear off with time. Thus, it’s necessary to replace it if you want to continue being black.

Is Black Gold Worth it?

Many people who like more gothic designs opt for black gold. However, is it something valuable? Yes, it is. Black gold is made using gold which means that it automatically has value. The greater the presence of gold in the alloy, the more that black gold piece will cost. Regardless of how black the black gold is, the actual value of the piece will be that of the natural material present in it.

Additionally, it’s also necessary to note that different methods of blackening will create a different product, and these different products will also change the value of the piece.

The type of gold present underneath the black color also affects the value or worth of the piece. For example, if the gold underneath is 14k, its value will be less than 18k gold. Thus, you must know what choice you’re making.

For the worth or value of a black gold article, gemstones are also taken into consideration, along with their cut and how they have been placed. The intricacy of the design is also necessary for determining the value of any one piece.

Should You Opt for Black Gold?

Black gold is not the only black material on the market. So, when you’re looking for something to fashion black jewelry out of, is black gold the material you should go for? We have mentioned some other choices you may have available to you.

  1. Black Tungsten

It is a lot more affordable than black gold. It can be blackened and hold on to its blackness for quite a while. It is resistant to scratching, so you don’t have to worry about its look. It is also hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about it leading to an allergic reaction. Additionally, you can’t resize it, and it’s easy to break if it’s dealt a hard blow.

  1. Black Ceramic

Black ceramic can also hold on to its luster and color for a long time. However, this material is not very durable. It has consistent coloring, but it can break very easily.

  1. Black Titanium

It is incredibly durable and lightweight. You can also use black titanium for jewelry to hold on to its sheen for a long time. You can’t resize it quickly, and the scratches and scuff on the surface are all too apparent.

  1. Black Carbon-Fiber

Black carbon fiber is highly durable, strong, and is even heat-resistant. You don’t have to word about accidentally scratching the surface due to wearing it. It’s also affordable, so you don’t have to invest too much money in it.

How Can You Know if Black Gold Is Real?

If you need to know that your black gold is genuine gold, you will have to get someone to analyze it. Jewelers use X-ray fluorescence technology to check and see underneath the upper layer of gold so they can understand if gold is present underneath the layers. A jeweler or analyzer can tell you whether the piece of jewelry has gold underneath all the layers.

If you want to be sure about black gold, you can also simply use a yellow gold article and have it plated black in color. If you don’t prefer black for too long, you can shift to a different color.

Final Thoughts

People often wonder, “is black gold real gold?” Black gold is real gold since it has gold. But, black gold is not real gold in the sense that it’s not a naturally occurring substance. Instead, it’s an alloy of gold.

It’s valuable because it has gold. However, the value depends on the percentage of gold it has. Black gold also has other metals mixed into it, and thus, it’s generally quite durable. It doesn’t hold on to its blackness too well, so you’re likely going to have to repaint it or replace it.

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