How Much Is Sterling Silver Flatware (Silverware) Worth? 

How Much Is Sterling Silver Flatware (Silverware) Worth? 

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Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, you would all head over to your grandma’s house to celebrate. She would have a table full of delicious foods and the best presents. Every year, heading to grandma’s house was the highlight.

As a kid, you would eat off paper plates and had no problem with it. As you got older, you noticed that the adults were all eating from fancy plates and had different silverware than you did. Eventually, you got bold enough to ask why the difference in plates and silverware. 

Grandma then proceeded to share the story of where the silverware and plates came from, why they’re special, and how someday, they might be yours.

The year finally came when you were able to sit at the adult table and enjoy these fancy plates and silverware that the adults have been using. The plates still held the same amount of food and the silverware worked the same as any other silverware, but it was the sentiment that made eating that meal much better. 

Now that grandma’s silverware is yours, you have to decide whether to keep the tradition going of Thanksgiving and Christmas at your house with the fancy plates and silverware. Curiosity gets the best of you one day, and you want to know just how much is grandma’s silverware really worth. 

You would never think about selling it, but just how much is her sterling silver flatware worth? 

Sterling silver silverware can sell for anywhere between $800-$1,200 for a 32-piece set. The better preserved the sterling silverware set it, the higher the price. If you were given a set for your honeymoon and never ended up using it, now might be the time to break it out…and sell it. 

Most silverware is not made of actual silver but if the set that you have is then it can be worth a pretty penny. If you don’t use your silverware that is made from real silver often or if it doesn’t hold some significance to you (like being a family heirloom) then you can sell and make a pretty decent amount of money. 

If you would like to see the going price for silverware that is made from real silver just click here. 

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How Can You Tell If Your Silverware Is Real Sterling Silver? 

When you are first starting out on your own, moving in together, or getting married, one of the first things you need is kitchenware. You can live without a couch for a few weeks or until you get tired of sitting on the floor. You can also sleep on a bed without a bed frame for a while. 

However, unless you plan on eating take-out every night, you need kitchenware. You can get by with a few pots and pans, but you need something to eat your food with. You need plates to put the food on and silverware to eat it with.

When you’re looking around for silverware, you typically aren’t too concerned with what it’s made from. You are more concerned it will look nice and match the dishes. What kind of design is on the silverware? Do you like how they feel in your hand? Though they may look nice, are they practical: too big or too small? 

Often, friends and family will help pitch in when you get a new place and purchase some stuff for you. A common gift is a silverware set. You may even get a set of silverware that looks like it’s been around for a while and is very worn. 

If you receive a set of generational silverware, how do you know whether you’re just getting some cheap handed-down silverware or real sterling silver silverware? 

Sterling silver silverware pieces are typically marked with whether or not they are sterling silver. You can check your silverware and see if it’s marked “sterling” or “ster” on the back. This means that your silverware set is sterling silver. 

The silverware that is sterling silver also might have the number 925 on it signifying that it is sterling silver.

Sterling silver must have at least 92.5% silver in it to be classified as sterling silver. If you see the word coin, this means that your silverware was created by melting coins. Almost all silverware is marked on the back with what material it is made from.  

If your silverware doesn’t have any marks on it that doesn’t mean that it isn’t made of silver as some older silverware wasn’t marked at all. The only way to know for sure is to get an at home silver test kit (like this one) or take it to a jeweler and have them test the silverware. 

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How Do You Sell Antique Silverware? 

Antique silver is a real work of art. Sterling silver silverware was created for more than just the purpose of eating. The intricate designs that are throughout the silver are more for show than the functionality of eating from it. 

It is common to find antique silverware pieces in homes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Typically, you break out the fine silverware and dishes for special occasions. 

How do you determine whether or not you want to sell or keep antique silverware?

If you have fond memories of your childhood attached to the silver, it might not be best to sell it. Though it may take up space and you only use it on special occasions, it just makes the special occasions a little bit more special. If the set you have was purchased from a thrift store and there is no sentimental value behind it, then sure go ahead and sell it. 

You have to determine just how valuable emotionally these antique pieces are. Don’t put a price on it until you know you’re okay with parting with it. 

If you have decided to sell your antique silver, where do you go to sell it? Do you post online and hope people will pay what it’s worth? Do you take it into a pawn shop and hope you get a fair deal? 

Do you have to find an antique store in town and again hope that they give you a fair price for your antiques? 

Here are a few tips to use when selling your antique silverware. 

Don’t Rush Into The First Shop To Sell

Antique shops are always interested in purchasing silver. Make sure that you get your antique silverware appraised. You need to know what your silver is worth before rushing into a shop and selling it. 

You can go to a few different antique shops and gauge how much your silver is worth based on how much they are offering. 

Check To See If Your Antique Silverware Is Sterling Silver

Most silverware is marked on the back with the material it is made from. If you see on the back stainless china, then your silverware isn’t worth much. 

If you see “sterling” or “ster” on the back of your silverware, then you do in fact have sterling silver silverware. 

Post Your Silverware Online

You don’t have to settle for just selling your antiques in a store anymore. Once you’ve established what your silver is worth and that it is in fact sterling silver, you can post your antique silverware online. 

Many antique silver collectors are online and constantly searching for new silver. It can be easier to find silver online than in a store. 

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are just curious to see how much grandma’s silverware is worth or cleaning out old wedding presents, sterling silver silverware can range in value anywhere between $800-$1,200. 

You can check on the back of your silverware to see whether or not your silverware set really is sterling silver or not. 

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