How Much Is A 14k Gold Chain Worth?

How Much Is A 14k Gold Chain Worth?

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Gold is shiny, lustrous, and beautiful. It is crafted into many pieces of fine jewelry and is worn proudly by its owner. One piece that gold could be made into is a gold chain. This can be delicate or bulky and also made with different karats of gold. 

24k is pure gold while the amount of pure gold a gold chain contains decreases from there. 18k is 75 percent pure gold and 14k is 58.5 percent pure gold. 

So, saying this, how much is a 14k gold chain worth?

What a 14k gold chain is worth depends on its weight as well as the current price of gold. Since 14k gold is 58.5 percent pure gold, a 14k gold chain will be worth 58.5 percent of the price of 100 percent pure gold when based solely on the gold content. 

The actual value of a gold chain will be based on how much it weighs but for the most part, 14k gold is more pricey than other lower karat pieces since it is made with more pure gold. It may also depend on what the gold has been crafted into. 

For jewelry, the price will increase because of the time and effort it takes to create it as well as the amount of gold content. A 14k gold chain’s worth can vary depending on all of these factors. 

It may not be worth its estimated value or even what it is sold for. 

The price you will pay when buying a piece of 14k gold jewelry is really high (and far higher than its melt value) because of the profit the jewelry store has to make on the item. You can get a good idea of how much it could be worth by knowing that 14k gold is 58.5 percent pure gold which means it is worth 58.5 percent of the price of pure gold.

Since gold chains don’t come in only one size, shape, or weight, it can be hard to say exactly how much a 14k gold chain is worth. But, we can look at how much gold is worth per gram. 

Right now, the value of 14k gold per gram is about $35.  Per ounce it is worth about $1,040. So, by measuring your necklace in grams, you could figure out an approximate amount of how much it is worth. 

Keep in mind that the value of gold is always changing based on the change in the gold market. So, if you take in your gold chain for evaluation, it will be worth its weight and the value of its gold on that day. It is estimated that 14k gold is worth about $35 per gram according to the current gold market.

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Are 14k Gold Chains Expensive?

So, 14k gold jewelry is made with some pure gold and is worth something. How much it is worth depends on how much it weighs since this shows that it contains more gold. This can make a gold chain more or less valuable and able to be bought or sold for a more expensive price.

When looking to buy a 14k gold chain you might be wondering whether they are expensive or not. 

14k gold chains are usually expensive since they are over 50 percent real gold. However, they are more affordable than pieces that contain more gold in them which makes 14k gold the most common type of gold used for making jewelry in the U.S.

How expensive a gold chain is depends on how much of the piece is made of gold and  how much of it there is. For example, a gold chain that weighs a lot less than another gold chain isn’t made with as much gold as the heavier piece. So, therefore, it will be less valuable. 

Overall 14k gold chains are not cheap and are more on the expensive side because over half of its contents are made with pure gold.

To find the price of a gold chain, you will have to find its measure of gold as well as its weight and use this information along with the current price of gold. The kind of gold it is will give you a good idea of how valuable it is. 

To get an exact price of how much you can buy or sell the piece for, you may need a professional opinion from a jeweler.

Is 14k Gold Real Gold?

Since 14k gold is made from real and pure gold, it is definitely worth something. But, how do we know that it is real gold? If the piece is marked as 14k then it is real gold because although it has added metals, 14k is made with pure gold.

14k gold is real gold however it isn’t 200% pure gold.14k gold is worth over half of the price of pure gold because it contains 58.5 percent pure gold and then has other metal alloys in it to make it stronger and cheaper. 

Gold is too soft by itself so to make it more durable, metal alloys are added in. This can cause many to wonder if it is really real gold or not. But, it is. 14k gold jewelry is made with 58.5 percent real gold even though it has added alloys such as copper, silver, and zinc. 

There are some tests that you can put your gold chain through in order to find out if it is real or not. The best way is to take it into a jeweler to be professionally examined. But, there are some tests you can do at home. 

Here are 10 ways you can check to see if your gold is real gold:

  1. Check for the hallmark
  2. Nitric acid tests
  3. Skin test/Liquid foundation test
  4. Size and weight
  5. Magnetization test
  6. Floating test
  7. Ceramic test
  8. Water test/acid test
  9. Electronic tester
  10. Professional appraisal

Is 14k Gold Good For A Necklace?

So, you want to buy a gold necklace, but are wondering if 14k gold is a good choice. Gold chains are available in many sizes and designs and can look very beautiful. 

14k gold is the most common type of gold used to make jewelry but is it good when buying a necklace? 

14k gold is good for a necklace. It is valuable since it is made with pure gold but because of its added metal alloys, it will be durable and strong enough to wear everyday while also being sold at a more affordable price than something that is 18k or 24k. 

14k jewelry is the most popular because it is strong enough for everyday wear and still valuable. It is used to make many elegant wedding rings and is good for necklaces, too! But, how long does it last you may ask. 

How long a gold chain or necklace lasts depends on how often it is worn and how harsh of conditions it encounters. If it is just 14k gold-plated, then it will wear out quicker than a true 14k gold chain. 

It is said that 14k gold will last for about 10 years before it will begin to tarnish or lose its luster. But, this can always be resolved by a good cleaning. By cleaning your gold chain regularly, you can keep it in good condition.

Final Thoughts

14k gold is well-known for its durability and affordability while still being valuable. Since 14k gold is 58.5 percent pure gold, that means that it is worth roughly 58.5 percent of what 100 percent pure gold is worth (not including the cost of time and effort spent making it into a beautiful piece of jewelry). 

As of right now, 14k gold is valued at about $35 a gram meaning that one ounce is worth a little over $1,000.  It is recommended to take the necklace into a jeweler for an appraisal of an exact amount that your 14k gold chain/jewelry is worth. 

Many things factor into how much a gold chain is actually worth. For finding the worth of a 14k gold chain you have to take into account its weight as well as current price of gold and how old the piece is. 

An antique 14k gold necklace or chain could be worth far more because it is an antique than it is worth because of the gold content. 

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