Dl2032 vs. Cr2032 Batteries (Is There a Difference?)

Dl2032 vs. Cr2032 Batteries (Is There a Difference?)

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If you have seen a few dystopian, post-apocalyptic movies, you may understand the importance of batteries more than others. While they come in all shapes and sizes, some unusual ones, like those that look like coins, can be confusing for most people.

It can be difficult to understand their sizes, voltage, and current. What’s worse is that if you get the wrong one, it may not fit properly or work for the desired electrical device, wasting your money.

This is why today, we will discuss two commonly confused coin batteries, Dl2032 and Cr2032. We will compare them to understand if they are different from each other, if so, how, and does it matter?

Dl2032 vs. Cr2032 (Is There a Difference?)

The Dl2032 and Cr2032 batteries can be used interchangeably and deliver similar results for your purposes. However, there are minor differences in their size, voltage, names, and manufacturers. While they work in all the same devices, they differ when it comes to life span and performance.


Why Compare Dl2032 and Cr2032?

As mentioned previously, these batteries can be used interchangeably, and the differences are minor, but the main reason to compare them is because of their manufacturers. The Dl is a designated name used by the popular battery manufacturer Duracell, whereas Cr is the generic name designated to coin batteries.

Duracell is also commonly known for their triple-A (AAA) or double-A (AA) batteries. Most brands make Cr2032 batteries (including Duracell) just like they make double-A or triple-A batteries.

Let’s take a closer look to identify the subtle differences that make the Duracell battery different from the rest, so we can get a better understanding.

Comparison Chart for Dl2032 vs. Cr2032

Battery TypeHigh-power lithium coin cellHigh-power lithium coin cell
Dimensions20 x 20 x 3.2mm19 x 19 x 3.0mm
Battery Life/ Capacity225mAh225mAh
UsabilitySingle Use – Non-RechargeableSingle Use – Non-Rechargeable
Lifespan8-Years Leak-Free Shelf LifeOver 10-Years with Power Preserve Technology

Features and Limitations of Cr2032

The Cr2032 was first created by Panasonic as a lithium coin cell battery that could provide long-lasting and reliable battery life in a small battery design that takes up limited space. Over time, due to its unique features, the Cr2032 has become one of the most commonly used batteries.


The Cr2032 lithium coin cell battery offers reliable power and the capacity to work in a large number of electrical devices, where smaller batteries are required. To give you an idea, here are a few of the many applications of this battery.

  • Watches
  • Calculators
  • Toys
  • Cameras
  • Key Fobs
  • Many other small electrical devices

Its small size and tested performance are what make it a good option for so many applications.

Limitations of Cr2032

There are some limitations to the Cr2032.

  • Non-Rechargeable and Non-Reusable

The Cr2032 is a non-rechargeable battery, which means you cannot reuse it once the battery runs out. You will have to buy a new one and replace the old one with it. However, since it is a long-lasting battery, most applications do not require a replacement for a very long time.

  • Low Current Draw

Current draw refers to the Cr2032 battery’s ability to draw current from the battery to the electronic device; it is, in effect, its ability to deliver current. The limitation here is that the Cr2032 coin cell battery cannot be expected to draw a high current for any application.

This means it is ideal for smaller electrical devices like watches, calculators, and toys, but it cannot power electrical devices that require high amounts of current. As a result, larger devices cannot make use of this battery, even if you stack them.

  • Holder Design

The small size and coin shape of the Cr2032 mean that it requires a special holder to fit in place and function properly. Not every smaller device has this special holder, which means this battery only works with compatible devices.

Without the specific holder, the Cr2032 will not fit or supply power, rendering it completely useless.

Features and Limitations of Dl2032

The Dl2032 is very similar to the Cr2032 in shape and size, but it is a high-quality battery produced by a better manufacturer – Duracell.


Coming from a superior manufacturer, the Dl2032 has all the features of the Cr2032 with a few added extras. For instance, it has a longer lifespan, higher energy density, and a higher discharge rate. What’s more, is that, unlike the Cr2032, it keeps a stable flow of power under irregular and constant drain.

Similar to the Cr2032, it can be used in all the same applications and offer superior performance for longer, thanks to its greater lifespan, energy density, and superior discharge.


Despite having a few significant advantages over the Cr2032, there are limitations to Dr2032 as well.

  • Non-Rechargeable and Non-Reusable.

Similar to the Cr2032, the Dl2032 is also a non-rechargeable battery, which means it is non-reusable, and you will have to buy a new one once it runs out. Since it lasts longer than the Cl2032, a positive is that you will replace it much later than its counterpart.

  • Replacement Problems

This is perhaps the most widely-known limitation of the Dr2032. Once the Dr2032 is replaced with another battery, the performance seems to degrade from its earlier efficiency. The usage and application are perfectly fine, but it isn’t as good as it was before.

The lifespan seems to degrade, but this could also be due to the degradation of the device over time. Since these batteries last a long time, it is possible that this issue is the result of performance degradation of the device over time and not the replacement battery.

Are Dl2032 and Cr2032 Interchangeable?

Both Dl2032 and Cr2032 are interchangeable batteries. This means you can use one in place of the other and still have a compatible device function properly. The nominal difference in their thickness and size means that they can fit into the same holders.

However, the overall lifespan, discharge, and performance of the Dl2032 is slightly better than the Cr2032.


The importance of batteries in our lives is often understated, and most people don’t think twice about what they offer. We are conditioned to think of them as inexpensive accessories that are complicated and nuanced for no reason.

However, this is not true. Subtle differences in size, performance and other factors greatly impact delivery and efficiency. Moreover, different types of batteries are designed to meet various power requirements.

Therefore, it is important to understand why each battery is designed in a particular way and what are its performance benefits. In the case of Dl2032 vs. Cr2032, the differences are minor but important for someone who wants more from their battery.

While the Cr2032 will deliver all your requirements for this size and type of battery, the Dl2032 comes from a superior manufacturer and delivers better performance and battery life over time.

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