Does Sterling Silver Rust In Water?

Does Sterling Silver Rust In Water?

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Sterling silver is a beautiful type of metal made from a mix of pure silver and metal alloys. Pure silver doesn’t tarnish but is too soft to be made into jewelry as it can be easily damaged. 

Copper is usually mixed with the silver to avoid this. So, the added alloys make the jewelry strong and durable but also easier to tarnish. 

Because of this the question remains, does sterling silver rust in water?

Water won’t rust or tarnish your sterling silver but it could speed up the tarnishing process. Sea water will cause the sterling silver to tarnish. Because of this, it is best to take off the jewelry before you immerse yourself in water.

So, water doesn’t damage sterling silver but it can cause it to change color more quickly. The more you immerse the sterling silver in water, the more wear and tear it causes on it resulting in speeding up the tarnishing process. 

Eventually, this could cause the price to oxidize meaning that it will darken in color. 

Now, this all depends on how often you expose the jewelry to certain things like water or chemicals. Sterling silver does corrode in salt water so it is best to take off any sterling silver jewelry before you go swimming in the ocean. 

Chlorines, salts, or other harsh chemicals can also cause the metal to tarnish.

If you want to keep your jewelry in good condition, then it’s important to remove it whenever you are going to be in water, especially ocean water. You should also avoid doing dishes with sterling silver rings on. This can induce the tarnishing process as well as make it easier for it to slip off your finger and down the drain. 

Avoid showering while wearing sterling silver jewelry as well. Although just regular water won’t harm the metal, there is a good chance that it will begin to tarnish faster affecting its look and darkening its color. 

So, if you want your sterling silver to continue looking beautiful and shiny, remove it before showering, swimming, cleaning, or doing anything with water or chemicals. Sterling silver won’t rust in water but it can begin to tarnish a lot faster than if you didn’t wear it in water.

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Can Sterling Silver Be Worn Everyday?

Sterling silver jewelry can come in all kinds. Rings, necklaces, bracelets are all made from this strong and shiny metal. Water should be avoided because it could cause the sterling silver to tarnish faster. 

But, since it is durable, can sterling silver be worn everyday?

You can wear your sterling silver jewelry everyday if you wish. You shouldn’t worry too much about it tarnishing because it is very durable and easy to clean and repair. However, it’s good to know when not to wear sterling silver jewelry so it will last longer.

There are benefits to wearing sterling silver everyday. The natural oils in your skin actually “clean” and polish the jewelry while you wear it. That helps to protect the metal from some of the things that could cause it to tarnish more quickly. 

But, there is also a downside to wearing sterling silver everyday. Certain activities or tasks that you do could result in damaging or scratching the piece leading to it tarnishing. 

By knowing when not to wear the sterling silver you can help keep it in good condition.

When jewelry tarnishes, it develops a thin layer of corrosion. This causes the piece to appear dull and discolored. This can happen due to several reasons. 

Exposure to harsh conditions can increase oxidation but can be avoided when you take care of the jewelry. Sometimes you will need to remove the jewelry while doing something in order to keep it in good condition. Moisture and water, household cleaners and chemicals and even storing it in the open air could tarnish sterling silver. 

Here are something to avoid when wearing sterling silver:

  1. Taking a shower.
  2. Taking a bath.
  3. Swimming.
  4. Washing your hands.
  5. Doing the dishes.
  6. Cleaning.
  7. Handling sharp objects.
  8. Handling stronger materials than the sterling silver.
  9. Outdoor activities.
  10. Working out.

How Do You Maintain Sterling Silver?

If you own a piece of jewelry made from sterling silver you want to keep it in the best condition you can. Every type of jewelry needs to be cared for properly and stealing silver is no exception. 

So, how do you maintain sterling silver?

Sterling silver is durable and able to be worn daily but it still should be maintained. You can maintain sterling silver by taking proper care of it. To do this, avoid wearing it in conditions that could cause it to tarnish faster and clean it regularly.

Sterling silver can last for about 20 years and if you take really good care of it, for many years past this. It depends on if you’re avoiding the things which could cause it to tarnish, storing it properly and cleaning it regularly. 

Immersing sterling silver in water often can lead to it becoming dull and discolored. Some activities could also lead to scratching the jewelry. When sterling silver is scratched, a layer of oxidation will cover the screed causing it to tarnish. 

So, in addition to avoiding those things we mentioned earlier that could tarnish your sterling silver, here are some other ways you can take proper care of it:

  • Polish and clean sterling silver.
    1. Take it in for professional cleanings.
    2. Use gentle soap and water to clean it.
    3. Use lemon juice and olive oil or baking soda and vinegar to clean it.
  • Store sterling silver properly.
    1. Store in cool and dark places away from the sun, heat or humidity.
    2. Store by itself.
    3. Be sure it is completely dry and wipe off before storing.

Final Thoughts

Sterling silver holds up well and can last many years especially if you take care of it properly. By following the helpful tips mentioned in this article, you can keep your jewelry pieces in good condition and maintain your sterling silver properly. 

Sterling silver won’t rust in water but it can lead to the metal tarnishing more quickly. Sterling silver is strong and durable, but you should avoid certain activities and tasks that could damage it including immersing it in water.

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