Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake?

Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake?

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Did you know you can buy an engagement or wedding ring from Walmart? That’s right, wedding rings are sold from the popular department store. 

But, this can cause us to ask a very serious question, are Walmart wedding rings fake?

Walmart wedding rings are not fake but the diamonds in them are ranked low in clarity and color and the gold is typically only 40-50 percent real gold (10k or 14k). So, even though it may be inexpensive and not as pure as other wedding rings, Walmart’s wedding rings are real.

Walmart has everything you need. Food and groceries, pharmacy and personal care, home and pets, and clothing and accessories are just a few of the many departments of this store. What makes shopping at Walmart great is that you can just take one trip to the store to get all of your essentials. 

Did you know that part of the accessories that Walmart sells is jewelry? And some of this jewelry is rings? But along with some fashionable everyday rings, they also have engagement and wedding rings available for you to purchase. 

These gold and diamond wedding rings are not fake but the quality will be far lower than getting a wedding or engagement ring from other stores or jewelers. To see other wedding rings that you can get that won’t break the bank just click here. 

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Is Walmart Jewelry Real Or Fake?

Walmart sells some fake everyday jewelry that isn’t advertised as real. These include earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. But Walmart also sells some jewelry that is said to be real gold or feature real diamonds. 

This can cause you to wonder, Is Walmart jewelry real or fake?

The jewelry at Walmart that is said to have diamonds or gold are all real. But, they are not on the same level as the jewelry in a jewelry store because they are not as quality. Walmart also does sell some jewelry that looks like gold or silver but is not. That is clearly marked on the pieces though. 

So along with just everyday fake jewelry, Walmart does sell some real jewelry, too. Their prices for this jewelry which are said to be real with real gold and real diamonds are really low compared to ones you would find at a mall jewelry store. This is because the quality of jewelry at Walmart isn’t as good as you would get at a jewelry store. 

This is why Walmart wedding rings and other jewelry will be less expensive to purchase than those items from a jewelry store. 

Walmart sells 10 to 14K yellow or white gold that are really only 50 percent (or less) real gold and whose diamonds are not as pure. The diamond and gold of Walmart wedding rings are not fake, but in fact are real, just not as valuable as better diamonds or purer gold. 

Because of this, Walmart’s jewelry prices are a lot cheaper than normal jewelry store prices. So, even though Walmart sells inexpensive and low quality jewelry it is real.

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How Can You Tell A Wedding Ring Is Real?

Want to know if your wedding ring is real or not? Well there are some ways you can find out at home although the most trustworthy way to know is by taking it into a professional. Still, if you want to try some at home tests, you are probably wondering, how can you tell if a wedding ring is real?

There are several ways to check and see if a wedding ring is real or not. The best way to check is to take it to a jeweler for them to examine the ring for themselves and let you know if it is indeed real or fake.

It will be difficult for you to tell whether a  wedding ring features real diamonds or real gold unless you are a jeweler or have purchased a jewelry testing kit.  For those of us who aren’t experts or who don’t want to buy a kit, taking the ring into a jeweler can help us to know exactly how real it is. 

They can check the diamonds as well as the gold to see whether it is real and how valuable it is. Diamonds are harder to determine real or fake by some at home methods but gold can be easier to figure out. 

Here are some ways you can check your wedding ring at home to see if it is real or fake:

  1. Visual Test– 
    1. Official gold markings on the inside of the ring
    2. The karat system
    3. Antique rings may not have markings
  2. Magnet Test –
    1. Gold is not magnetic
    2. Rings featuring other alloys aren’t pure gold
    3. Gold plated rings will be attracted to the magnet
  3. Sound Test – 
    1. Tapping a pure gold ring can result in a high ringing sound
    2. The sound from the pure gold ring will be higher than rings made from other metals
    3. Rings made from other metals will sound dull and short
  4. Gold Density Test –
    1. Check the gold ring’s density
    2.  This can be done by using water and measuring the ams and volume
    3. Gold is the densest of all metals
  5. Nitric Acid Test – 
    1. This test can damage your ring if it isn’t real gold but is reliable
    2. Done by applying an acid to a scratched part of the ring
    3. Real gold (24K) won’t be affected
  6. Ceramic Test – 
    1. Determine whether the ring is real or not by the trace it leaves behind
    2. Done by using an unglazed ceramic plate to scratch the ring over its surface
    3. If it leaves a golden trace it is real gold and if it leaves a black trace then it is fake
  7. Marks Test – 
    1. Fake gold leaves different colored marks on your skin when it wears out
    2. Real gold doesn’t leave any marks after wearing it
    3. Silver, copper, etc. will leave marks
  8. Biting Test – 
    1. Although it is dense, 24K gold is soft
    2. This is why jewelers add alloys for firmness
    3. Biting the ring will leave a mark of your teeth in it if it is real gold
  9. Sinking Test –
    1. Gold rings are dense and don’t float
    2. Gold rings sink directly to the bottom of a jar of water
    3. If fake, the ring won’t sink
  10. Jeweler Test –
    1. Have a jeweler or professional examine the ring
    2. Jewlers know when a ring is real or fake
    3. This is the best way to see if a gold wedding ring is real

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Why Are Walmart Diamonds So Cheap?

Diamonds are beautiful stones that shine brightly. Some diamond jewelry is available at Walmart but for inexpensive prices. They sell these diamonds for a lot cheaper prices than other jewelry stores do. 

So, why are Walmart diamonds so cheap?

Walmart diamonds are cheap because they are low in quality in both clarity and color. They sell low end diamond jewelry that isn’t as valuable as the diamonds you would get at a jewelry store. They are real diamonds but inexpensive.

Walmart prides themselves as a discount store with low prices. So, you can’t expect anything less than this from their jewelry department. Walmart sells many jewelry items featuring diamonds but the question is if they are real or not. They are actually real, but these diamonds aren’t as good as diamonds you would buy at a jewelry store. 

This is why they are so cheap to purchase.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a valuable and pure diamond ring for an engagement or wedding ring, then Walmart is not the place to buy one. Although they are real, they only sell rings that are low quality. 

The diamonds in jewelry at Walmart are low in clarity and color and the gold is usually only half real gold and made with other alloys. This doesn’t mean that Walmart wedding rings are fake, they are indeed real, just not as valuable as wedding rings made from purer gold (18k) or with diamonds that have better color and clarity. 

Walmart wedding rings are not fake but they are made from 50 percent gold and low clarity and color diamonds. Because of this, they are less expensive to purchase than at a jewelry store. 

But, while they aren’t pure gold or quality diamonds, Walmart wedding rings are real.

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