What Is Pink Gold?

What Is Pink Gold?

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We know what you are thinking: Does pink gold even exist?

Well, it does, and it’s beautiful!

If you are tired of the same old look of yellow gold and are not interested in white gold, the warm-colored pink gold will win your heart.

Gold is right now one of the most precious commodities because it’s a naturally occurring metal. Its pure form is used in jewelry, watches, and ornaments. Gold in its pure form is soft and extremely malleable, which is why different alloys are mixed with it to make it strong and durable. 100% gold is so soft that it would dent, bent, and be destroyed by wearing it a single time.

Many people think that pink gold isn’t made with real gold. The truth is that pink gold contains pure gold and alloys to give it its distinct color. When we are talking about 24K jewelry, it means that it is 100% gold. This jewelry bends easily, which is why it is recommended to buy 18K or 14K jewelry, which you will be wearing often, such as a ring.

24K is usually reserved for special occasions, such as weddings. If you are buying a diamond-studded set, make sure to get a certificate with it, so that if you happen to sell it in the future, you can prove the jewelry is made with real gold and diamonds.

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Swarovski Sparkling Dance Clover Pierced Earrings with Clear Crystal Pavé Surrounding a Pink Stone on a Rose-Gold Tone Plated Setting

What Is Pink Gold Made Of?

A mixture of silver, copper, and gold makes pink gold. We have already talked about the state of pure gold, which is too soft. Pink gold has a few different properties than gold. Since it contains multiple alloys, it is stronger, does not scratch easily, and does not lose its shine.

The addition of copper to gold gives it a light red hue. This gold is called red gold. To make it lighter, instead of reducing the ratio of copper, 925 Silver is added into the mix, which gives us rose gold and pink gold.

Pink Gold Value

As mentioned above, pink gold, rose gold, and red gold are not pure gold.

Pure gold, as in yellow gold is measured in different Karats ranging from 24K to 10K.

Here’s how the karats of different colored gold differ:

18K Gold

  • 75% (18 Parts) Pure Gold and 25% (6 Parts) Alloys

18K Red Gold

  • 75% (18 Parts) Solid Gold and 25% (6 Parts) Copper

18K Rose Gold

  • 75% (18 Parts) Pure Gold, 22.2% Copper and 2.8% 925 Silver

18K Pink Gold

  • 75% (18 Parts) Pure Gold, 20% Copper, and 5% 925 Silver

It’s important to understand that any gold jewelry is measured and priced according to its Karats. For example, if you buy an 18K and 14K pink gold ring, the former will cost you more because it has a high ratio of pure gold.

Barzel 18K Rose Gold Plated Created Opal Tennis Bracelet (Rose Gold)

Factors to Consider When Buying Gold

You might be confused between buying yellow gold and pink gold. Yes, the former is more expensive than the latter but some people like the bling of pure gold. Before you make your decision, take a look at the following factors:


Gold is an expensive metal, but most people prefer platinum, silver, white gold, or other colored gold. The reason behind this is the metal’s durability. The softness of pure gold presents difficulties in molding.

On the other hand, since all other metals contain alloys, they last longer. Of course, they will tarnish faster due to the presence of copper and nickel.

Yellow gold gets scratched easily and, with time, it loses its shine. This is why it is necessary to maintain your gold jewelry and get it polished regularly to maintain its shine. Always pick rose gold or white gold for daily wear and pure gold for the jewelry you wear occasionally.


The price of gold depends on its Karat.

Karat refers to the SI unity, which is used to measure gold’s quantity in a piece of jewelry. Let’s say that a jeweler says the rings you are browsing in the display are made of 24K gold. It means that they are made of 100%. If the jewelry says the rings are 18K, it contains 75% gold. The 25% alloys gives the rings strength.

Allergic Reactions

Do you have any jewelry that has caused skin rashes? Then it’s possible that the 18K rose gold ring you bought is not 18K. Some metallic compounds cause allergies when you have sensitive skin. A ring is considered hypoallergenic if it does not contain harmful alloys.

The bad news is that pink gold is not hypoallergenic. On the other hand, gold and platinum are. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you refrain from buying pink gold and go with platinum instead.

Yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic metal. However, some jewelers do add a bit of nickel to it. You can ask them to give you one without this alloy.

Style and Popularity 

Gold has been used for centuries, but it gained true fame when it became a symbol of status and wealth. Gold has been through a lot, from being rejected to being deposited as collateral and more. First, it was incorporated into ornaments and then made its way into the fashion industry.           

Now that people look for something unique in jewelry, think of pink gold as the queen of fashion and bling. Fashion trends keep changing, and you never know what might make a comeback. You should also consider your skin tone when choosing between yellow gold, white gold, and pink gold.

White gold will suit you best if you have fair skin with a little red undertone. Yellow gold might appear overwhelming, and rose will look exaggerating. If your skin is light-tanned or you have an olive complexion, pink gold and yellow gold will look great on you.

If you want that light red or pink hue, you can go with rose gold or red gold. Most of the skin tones appear warm with pink gold. We suggest you choose a color that looks flattering on you and makes you feel like a queen.

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