Is Zales Jewelry Good Quality?

Is Zales Jewelry Good Quality?

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Before purchasing jewelry, we want to know some things, is it real, and is it good quality. As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold, meaning that even though pieces can look shiny and pretty, this doesn’t mean that it is the real thing. 

When buying jewelry that is supposed to be made from real gold or diamonds, we want it to be of good quality. Especially if the piece is for someone special and will be worn by them throughout their whole lives. Engagement rings and wedding rings are a type of jewelry that people spend a lot of money on because they want it to be quality. And who can blame them? 

We all want the best for the price we are paying. Real jewelry is going to look and wear better than fake. Some pieces of low quality jewelry can cause skin allergies which are caused by alloy metals. 

So, needless to say, we want the best options available. 

In your jewelry search you may have come across the jewelry store Zales. Residing in many shopping malls, this store is very popular in the jewelry business for their affordable collection of stunning and sparkly pieces. This jewelry chain offers a variety of options of precious metals and gemstones crafted into many types of jewelry. 

They are perhaps most famous for their diamonds which are used to create some gorgeous bridal ring sets. But, is Zales jewelry good quality?

Unfortunately, Zales jewelry is considered to be lower on the quality scale. Their gold, silver, and diamonds are affordable but are a lower quality than what is certified by the GIA. They do sell real jewelry, but they are lower in quality than jewelry sold by high-end jewelers.

Zales accommodates anyone with a tight budget and who isn’t looking for the highest quality jewelry. This chain store sells mainly simple pieces at a great value. 

Now, one of the most popular and longest established jewelry retailers in the U.S. Zales has been around since 1924. It was in this year that William and Morris Zale opened the first Zales store in Texas. 

The two brothers launched a credit plan allowing the average American customer to afford their merchandise which consisted of appliances, jewelry items, and jewelry electronics. Setting the standard for how items at Zales would be sold, their business grew into a customer chain. 

In 1957, a Zales store opened in a shopping mall. The intention was to sell as much jewelry as they could for the lowest prices, so they chose a mall since it was consistently visited by large crowds of shoppers. Popularizing mass marketing of jewelry in this way, other jewelers saw Zales’ success and followed their lead and began opening stores in malls as well. 

To this day, Zales focuses on smart marketing and advertising to appeal to consumers. They have different branches that focus on different merchandise. 

But, you should know that since they aren’t made of the highest quality, Zales jewelry can break easily or won’t be as valuable in the future. They aren’t made from the most durable metals and are susceptible to damage if they are worn in harsh conditions. So, when wearing a Zales jewelry piece, it is best to remove it if you are doing anything that could break or scratch it. 

Another thing to watch out for is that some of their colored pieces may look cheap. It may be nice but it is not high quality jewelry. Along with these, since they aren’t made with the highest quality materials, Zales jewelry could cause skin allergies. 

Most of their gold plated pieces are made with nickel and copper. Gold plating can wear down over time exposing the base metal underneath. If you have an allergy to nickel, then this may cause irritation to your skin. 

It is also possible that the alloy metal could leave a green tint on your skin. As you can see, Zales jewelry isn’t good quality jewelry however, their low prices make up for that in many people’s eyes. 

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Are Zales Real Diamonds?

At Zales, customers can choose their diamond rings by shape, metal type, and setting types. However, you cannot choose diamonds based on their quality. 

So, since they don’t have good quality pieces, are Zales diamonds real diamonds?

Zales does sell some real diamonds, although their cut and quality are low. They also sell many lab-created diamonds. If you are looking for high quality and valuable diamond jewelry, then Zales is not the best place to shop.

Resembling real diamonds, Zales lab-created diamonds are more budget-friendly and look similar to real diamonds. One branch of Zales is the Piercing Pagoda which is more of a low quality jewelry kiosk selling diamond jewelry and diamond engagement rings. 

Some of these are real while others are lab-created. Of course Zales will clearly tell you which of their diamonds are natural stones and which are lab created. 

As with all other affordable jewelers, Zales capitalizes on the popularity for their names as well as the naivety of their customers. Most people don’t know what makes gold or diamonds valuable or quality. They just know it looks beautiful and what the salesperson is telling them. 

However, Zales prices are affordable which is a red flag that they sell low quality jewelry. So, if you are looking for a high quality diamond ring, then this is not the place to shop for it. 

Zales sells a variety of jewelry from authentic real gold pieces to simply gold-plated or gold filled ones. 

Now, I don’t want to talk them down too much because Zales does offer some budget friendly jewelry. Although they aren’t made with the highest quality materials, they are coated in precious metals that keep them beautiful and strong. 

Their stones are designed in such a way that resembles high quality pieces that cost thousands of dollars, but at a cheaper cost. So, if you purchase Zales jewelry, you can enjoy stunning pieces at a more affordable price. 

Many of their items can serve as statement pieces or as everyday jewelry. But they won’t tell you what cut their diamonds are, meaning that they aren’t high quality. This is just another reason why Zales jewelry is low quality. 

So, as for their diamonds, some are real, while others are simply lab-created. Just ask an associate which one the ring or jewelry you are looking at has. 

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Final Thoughts

If you are considering buying jewelry from Zales, you should know that they do not sell high quality pieces. It is entirely up to you if you want to purchase from Zales or not based on this information. 

If you are on a tight budget and don’t care about the quality of the jewelry, then this is a great place to get affordable and beautiful jewelry without breaking the bank. However, if you are wanting high quality and valuable jewelry for an engagement ring, necklace, or bracelet, this jewelry chain isn’t the best place to make your purchase. 

Instead choose high quality diamond jewelry from James Allen or Blue Nile jewelers. Though they offer some stunning and shiny pieces, Zales jewelry isn’t the best quality.

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