Is White Gold Worth More Than Gold?

Is White Gold Worth More Than Gold?

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White gold is a precious metal often purchased for special occasions such as wedding rings or anniversary gifts. Most people aren’t aware of how white gold works, and they’ll often ask, “is white gold worth more than gold?” Therefore, we will share all the information you need to know about white gold.

In short, white gold is more expensive than yellow gold. Both types of gold are at their purest in 24 karats. However, 24 karat gold isn’t strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear. As a result, additional metals are used to increase the durability of white and yellow gold.

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Is Yellow Gold Better Than White Gold?

In terms of looks and appeal, white gold is more attractive. Moreover, white gold is more durable than yellow because it’s mixed with nickel. However, if you are allergic to nickel, you might face skin irritation and other problems with white gold. Moreover, white gold requires more maintenance as the outer coating of rhodium needs to be recoated periodically. This adds more to the cost of maintaining white gold instead of yellow gold.

Does White Gold Have Resale?

White gold was created during World War II as an alternative to replace platinum as it was required for military equipment. To satisfy consumer demands, white gold was invented, which turned out to be cheaper than platinum. However, when compared to yellow gold, its resale value depends on its purity, ring design, and the vendor.

A 24K white gold will have a higher resale value than an 18K yellow gold. However, with the same karat weight, both metals have the same resale value. The only differentiating factor will be the design of your jewelry.

Is Investment In Gold Jewelry a Good Idea?

Investing in jewelry isn’t the best decision because it doesn’t have a high return on investment compared to land and other assets. Moreover, investing in white gold is not a good end because it has less resale value than yellow gold.

White gold is mixed with other alloys, giving it a white color. Yellow gold is also mixed with alloys to increase its durability. However, white gold loses its value because the alloys it’s mixed with aren’t as valuable.

Another reason not to invest in white gold is that it doesn’t have high demand. When you sell white gold, it’ll be melted, and most of it is a useless alloy that isn’t worth as much. Therefore, most people don’t prefer white gold. However, if you like how it looks and can afford it, there is no one stopping you from buying it. However, it isn’t the best choice for investment purposes.

What Type of Gold Has the Best Resale Value?

If you want to buy a family heirloom that will retain its value, you should invest in 24 karat gold. However, investing in 24-karat white gold is not smart because it has less demand than yellow. You might think it’s a good investment because 24-karat white gold is slightly more expensive. However, you won’t get as much return when you sell it.

Is White Gold White?

It’s a common misconception that white gold is pure white. In reality, white gold is pale yellowish-grey because the alloys used to change their color can’t mask the natural yellow color. As a result, you get a pale yellowish-grey gold. Conversely, platinum is pure white because that’s its natural color.

Reasons to Buy a White Gold Engagement Ring

A white gold engagement ring is an excellent choice for a wedding ring for several reasons.

It’s Cheaper Than Platinum

The manufacturing process of white gold involves using an alloy that tends to have white color. Such alloys are cheaper; hence, white gold is comparatively less expensive than platinum. On the other hand, white gold is more expensive than yellow gold. Therefore, buying a white gold wedding ring can be a good choice.

It’s Unique

Apart from its low cost compared to platinum, white gold is unique. It isn’t like traditional yellow gold, and it can go well with any outfit. Moreover, it complements the white bridal dress and looks gorgeous with a diamond or a ruby stone.

It’s Durable

Compared to yellow gold, white gold is more durable because its alloys are stronger. As a result, it can handle daily wear and tear. However, white gold loses its rhodium layer when constantly exposed to water. Plus, it’s high maintenance because you’ll need to reapply the rhodium recoating.

It’s An Excellent Replacement for Platinum

If you can’t afford the white wedding ring made from platinum, you can go for white gold. Though it’s not as strong as platinum, it’s more durable than white gold. Moreover, white gold is elegant and classy. It’s a choice for those who love clean and crystal design.

Wrapping It Up

White gold is a precious metal made from a combination of other alloys that make its white color and add to its durability. It’s a perfect metal for wedding rings and earrings. However, white gold isn’t the best choice in terms of its resale value. If you can afford it and don’t plan to sell it, white gold is a better choice than yellow gold.

White gold is an excellent replacement for platinum, and it’s more durable than yellow gold. However, white gold isn’t the best choice for a family heirloom or an investment because it doesn’t have a demand as high as that of yellow gold. So, you are better off investing in real estate or buying platinum or yellow gold for a family heirloom that retains its value.

Finally, white gold isn’t purely white – it’s yellowish-grey. As a result, it looks gorgeous paired with a diamond of ruby gemstone. However, if you want pure white metal, you can find it only in platinum.

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