Is Pandora Jewelry Real?

Is Pandora Jewelry Real?

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Pandora is a famous jewelry designer that sells customizable jewelry. You may have passed by one of their many stores while shopping at the mall. Their unique jewelry collection consists mainly of charms that can be added to bracelets or necklaces. 

The charms can stand for a significant event in the one receiving the jewelry’s life and they are also made of various materials. Besides these beautiful charm bracelets, Pandora also sells other pieces of sparkling jewelry, too. 

They use a variety of materials to make all of their jewelry which can cause us to wonder if it is authentic. Is Pandora jewelry real?

Pandora jewelry is real. Their pieces are made from authentic materials however the quality of the material can be quite low.  In order to make the jewelry stronger or more attractive to the eye, some fake or manmade material may be used but most of the jewelry is real.

Pandora uses a variety of materials in making their jewelry. Gold, silver, wood, leather, gemstones, and diamonds. Their jewelry is made with all of these real materials. Some materials at Pandora are not real like their man-made gemstones and diamonds. But, this jeweler does sell some real gemstones and diamonds, too. 

But, these are fewer in number and higher in prices. Pandora gold, silver, and gold-plated jewelry is real. Here is a list of some of Pandora’s jewelry and what makes them real:

Pandora Gold Jewelry

Pandora uses two types of gold , rose gold and yellow gold. These gold pieces are made with a gold alloy because pure gold is too soft and can damage easily. In order to prevent crushing or bending, they mix the gold with other materials to make it stronger. Pandora sells 18k gold which is 75 percent pure gold. 

This is the closest to pure gold but is more durable. 

Pandora also sells 14k gold which is 58.5 percent pure gold and a paler color to the 18k but still beautiful. Since Pandora uses some gold alloys in their jewelry, this can make different pieces different shades of yellow. So every piece is unique. 

With rose gold, they mix copper and silver with pure gold and this combination adds a rose tint to the material. The highest gold content in rose gold that Pandora sells is 22k.

Pandora Silver Jewelry

Pandora sells silver jewelry that is mixed with an alloy. Just like gold, silver is soft and delicate. To make it more scratch-resistant and less likely to be damaged, it is mixed with other materials to make it stronger. 

Pandora also sells sterling silver which is classified as being at least 92.5 percent pure silver. This material looks just like silver in its color and luster. They also mix silver with copper which strengthens it. 

So, when buying silver jewelry from Pandora, it is not normally pure silver but it will also last longer than pure silver will. Pure silver tarnishes and isn’t as durable, this is why Pandora chooses to sell silver with added alloys.

Pandora Gold-Plated Jewelry

Some of Pandora’s most popular pieces are gold plated. These are usually 14k gold-plated pieces. They mix various metals which create a strong core and cover this with palladium creating a barrier between the gold and the metal core. 

The palladium also preserves the color and integrity of the gold making it durable for years. Then a 14k gold layer is used to complete the piece. This is done with yellow gold as well as rose-gold. But, the copper in the rose gold is strong enough and doesn’t need the palladium. So the rose gold is layered directly on top of the metal core.

To see some of the most popular pieces of Pandora Jewelry just click here. 

Is Pandora jewelry real diamonds?

So, we mentioned that the popular jewelry store Pandora sells real gold and other materials, but what about their diamonds. Some of their stones are man-made in a lab which causes us to wonder if their other stones or diamonds are real. 

Does Pandora sell real diamonds?

Pandora does sell real diamonds as well as gemstones. But these are limited in supply. This is because the company prefers to make their own synthetic diamonds and stones in a laboratory for environmentally friendly reasons while also helping to keep their jewelry costs down. 

Titanium, stainless steel, man-made and synthetic stones, make up some of Pandora jewelry. All of their jewelry is labeled as what it is. If made with real and authentic materials, it will be a limited supply and also sell for a higher price. 

Pandora uses some real and some synthetic material when making their jewelry. They are made with alloys so they aren’t completely pure, but the alloys make the jewelry more durable. Still, Pandora’s jewelry is real, and so are their diamonds and gemstones. 

Well, some of them. 

Most of their stones are synthetic since the company is conscious of what mines do to the environment. Because of this, many of their diamonds and stones are not real. To further explain this here is a continuation of the list we discussed earlier:

Pandora Natural Gemstones 

The bulk of Pandora’s gemstones are made in a laboratory but they also have natural stones. They claim that less than 1 percent of their stones are natural. This is a very low amount  which can cause many to question whether the jewelry is real or not. 

Natural stone pieces will be higher priced. Since Pandora is concerned about what mining does to the environment (and to help keep the price of their jewelry reasonable) they opt for more man-made stones. But, although some of the stones in their jewelry may be fake, you can still find real and authentic gemstone jewelry at Pandora.

Pandora Diamonds 

Pandora also sells real diamonds. But, they only have a small amount of jewelry with them. Just like gemstones, they prefer to make their own man-made diamonds in a lab. There is only a limited selection of natural diamonds you can find at Pandora.

Pandora does sell some real jewelry; each of their pieces are labeled for what they are. You can also tell the difference between the real diamonds and stones as the price will be much higher than the man-made ones. 

So, some diamonds at Pandora are real while others are not.

Final Thoughts

Yes, Pandora sells real jewelry. All of their pieces are made with real materials. The only exception is that most of their diamonds and gemstones are man-made. 

Still, a small amount of these are authentic natural stones. 

When comparing Pandora to other jewelry it is important to know exactly what you are buying at Pandora. Check and see whether the item you are looking at is gold plated, or man made stones. That could be the reason why it is so much cheaper than what other companies are charging. 

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