How Much Is A Gold Bar Worth?

How Much Is A Gold Bar Worth?

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Ever since gold was discovered over a century ago, it has been deemed a precious and valuable metal.

For several decades, its use in jewelry and as a financial asset has made it popular among many individuals who seek to invest in the rare metal.

Gold bullion coins are one of the most common types of gold available for investors to buy and are the perfect choice for a first-time investor.

However, with the confusion of having a huge variety of gold items available in the market, individuals may not know which is the best option for them.

Let us explore the price of a gold bar.

What is The Price of a Gold Bar?

Gold bars, also known as bullions, are a rare and precious metal whose value fluctuates daily.

Many individuals invest in gold bars to store their wealth and to protect themselves against inflations and any uncertainties that may arise.

Gold bars can be found for a low as $50 ranging all the way up to $760,000. How much a gold bar is worth depends on how much it weighs.

The gold bars seen in movies and TV shows are the larger ones that will normally weigh 400 troy ounces (or a little over 27 pounds). These gold bars are worth over $760,000 at the current spot price of gold.

However you can also find small gold bars that are sold by the gram, ounce, or pound as well. The heavier the gold bar is the more that it will be worth.

Gold bars often come in various sizes, and you can easily expect to buy a gold bar weighing 1 gram up to 400 ounces.

A rule you will often encounter worldwide with bars of gold is: the bigger the bar, the lower the premium (per OZ or 28 grams).

This rule relates to the spot price, which is the official price for the gold metal in its pure form.

The premium refers to the cost of refining the gold bars. You can expect the net cost for the production of small and large bars to be roughly the same.

The bigger bars contain more gold, which means they incur larger profits if you look at it solely from the production point of view.

Objectively speaking, it is better to invest in larger gold bars as there are more profits involved, but for most people, it is simply not realistic to afford 1kg bars.

Some of the common gold bar sizes include 1 gram, 1 oz, 10 oz, 100 grams, and 1 kilogram.

Let us explore some prices for each size of gold bar. To see some real gold bars that you can likely afford to buy (since they are so small) just click here.

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Price of a 1 Ounce Gold Bar

This is one of the most standard sizes available for individuals to buy, and investors usually get several 1 oz gold bars because of their convenient size and shape.

The typical spot price for gold is similar to the weight of this bar, which means you can easily track how much your 1-ounce gold bars are worth.

If you store ten 1 oz gold bars, and the typical spot price is $2,000, you will immediately know that your gold bars are worth $20,000.

These smaller bars are also quite popular, and they sell easily, making them a perfect choice as your first investment in a gold bar.

Price of a 10 oz Gold Bar

This bar’s popularity is second only to the 1 oz gold bar, and many prefer this weight and size because it is an easy way to store your investments.

These bars are readily available and provide investors with an opportunity to wait for prices to rise before they sell.

You can expect to find these at any reputable mint or refiner’s shop.

A 10 oz gold bar is 280 grams and costs approximately $20,150.

Since the bar is larger than the 1 oz, you’ll get a lower premium.

Price of a 100 Gram Gold Bar

This size ranks number one in popularity as the ideal metric bar.

Investors will frequently find this size to add 100-gram bars to their gold collection.

You can expect to pay between $4,200 and $4,310, which is a bit pricey.

Many individuals get this size because it ensures fast returns on their investment if they know the market trends.

Price of a 1 Kilogram Gold Bar

This size is popular among serious investors who have experience buying and selling gold.

The 1-kilogram gold bar contains over 32 oz of 24 Karat gold, which is a great investment to make if you want to store a large amount of gold in your deposit box.

These are a popular choice among investors who are serious about accumulating their wealth, and the average price can cost anywhere between $42,579 and $45,127.

Since these bars are large, you can expect to avail some discounts, making them slightly more affordable.

Price of a 1 Gram Gold Bar

This is the smallest-sized gold bar you can expect to buy, and it is a popular choice for beginners who seek to give it as a gift to family and friends.

These typically cost around $50, and prices depend on the manufacturer.

An advantage of this size is that you can easily order it online and do with it as you please.

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A few factors affect the price of gold, and one of the major contributors is inflation.

Many people decide to buy gold during times of inflation in order to maintain and protect their wealth.

Inflation results in the local currency devaluating, which means that gold becomes a means to combat financial losses.

You might have heard the terms ‘demand and supply’ being tossed around at some point in your life, and they simply mean that as the demand increases more than the supply, the prices will rise higher.

If there is less supply of gold and the demand continues to rise, then gold’s value will skyrocket.

Similarly, if there is barely any demand for gold, the price will be a lot cheaper.

Many individuals study these trends to make purchases when prices drop if they know that they will rise again at some point.

This buying and selling is one way to make money off gold.

Final Verdict

Many often ask questions like ‘what is the price of a gold bar’ and ‘how much for a gold bar’ if they’re looking to start making some investments to protect and store their wealth.

Gold is an excellent financial asset and a popular choice for many investors looking to buy and sell gold bars to make some profits.

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