Can Amethyst Go In Water?

Can Amethyst Go In Water?

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If you have a purple amethyst in your collection of gemstones, you may need to clean it every once in a while. Or, if it is set in a piece of jewelry, you may be wearing it while swimming or taking a shower. 

Or, you may have heard someone say something about amethyst having healing and stress-relieving properties and want to put the rock into your drinking water. But before you do any of this, you need to know one thing, 

Can amethyst go in water?

Amethyst can go in water. Some stones cannot come into contact with water, but there are some that can. The purple stone of amethyst is hard and durable and cannot be dissolved or damaged by water.

Amethyst is mostly made up of quartz. It is a purple variety of quartz and is a water-safe material. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, this stone is rated at 7 which means it is fairly hard and durable. 

This also means that it is unlikely for amethyst to be dissolved or damaged by water. Now, if your piece of amethyst has lines of other material in it, it could rust or have reactions with water. But, if it is a pure piece it can go in water. 

However, there is something you should take note of. Amethyst is sensitive to sudden temperature changes, so whatever water it is being placed in shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. This could cause it to rupture and lose its seal. 

So, don’t move your stone from boiling water to ice water. This could cause it to crack.

Amethyst shouldn’t be left out in sunlight or under other UV sources for too long because its color will fade. When amethyst is exposed to heat, you can see the color begin to fade away. 

The bold purple coloring of an amethyst can be dulled by sunlight and it can also fade by heat. After it is left out in sunlight or heat you will notice that the once vivid purple coloring of the stone has turned dull or even a vivid yellow.

We said that amethyst is water-safe, but this depends on what type of water, but just regular water won’t harm the stone. Let’s look at how amethyst can and cant be used in different types of water.

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Can You Clean Amethyst With Water?

It is recommended to start out by cleaning the amethyst with a cloth. Rub and buff the stone to see if this cleans it. If it doesn’t then you can use some warm soapy water (dish soap works well) to clean the stone. 

It doesn’t require anything fancy because this should be enough to clean the amethyst. Just make sure you aren’t doing any cleaning that will affect the stone’s finish, polish, or seal if it has one. But, in general, you can clean amethyst with water.

Can You Put Amethyst In Drinking Water?

Amethyst can be put into your drinking water. Some people like to place a piece of amethyst in their drinking water because it is thought to cleanse and remove negative energy, relieve stress, balance mood swings, dispel fear and anxiety, heal physical ailments, activate spiritual awareness, etc. Pieces of amethyst will also be placed around these people’s homes, offices, or even baths. 

Some people even wear it as jewelry or carry a piece with them. When amethyst is placed in drinking water, it is thought that as it soaks, all the benefits the stone has to offer is transferred to your body.

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Can You Swim In The Ocean With An Amethyst Or Clean It With Ocean Water?

If you wear amethyst jewelry, you may be curious if you can wear it in salt water or clean it with ocean water. Some think that ocean water will give the amethyst energetic benefits. 

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you should not wear amethyst in salt water or clean it with salt water. Salt can easily damage the stone. If an amethyst comes into contact with salt water, be sure to thoroughly rinse it off with regular water to avoid any damage being done to it.

Can Amethyst Go In The Shower Or In Bath Water?

You can add amethyst to your bath water. This can be a great way to benefit from the relaxing atmosphere and the natural calm the stone has to offer. But, you should be careful not to use any bath salts or other bath products that could affect the amethysts. 

It is said that amethyst calms the mind so it can be taken into the shower or bath with you. The water won’t harm the stone and the use of natural and organic products is recommended to use around an amethyst.

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Can You Put Amethyst In Moon Water?

Moon water is water that has been electrically charged during the night and under the full moon. It is said that by putting your amethyst (one or several pieces) in moon water to change you can enhance them both. 

They say that adding an amethyst to moon water can contribute to the energetic charge that the moon water gives. So, since amethyst is water-safe, it can be put into moon water as well. It is believed that by placing the amethyst in the moon water, you can enhance its benefits.

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Is Amethyst Non-Toxic?

We mentioned that the purple gemstone amethyst is said to have calming, healing, and stress relieving benefits. But, it’s important to know that some stones contain some harmful materials that are toxic to humans if they are ingested. 

So, is amethyst non-toxic?

Amethyst is not toxic. Since it is quartz it is safe for you to put it into drinking water  or for you to wear in jewelry or keep in your home. You do need to check where your amethyst came from before putting it in drinking water however as some crystals that look similar to amethyst can be harmful to your health. 

Some people have erroneously claimed that amethyst is a toxic stone but that is quite simply wrong. This stone is non-toxic and won’t harm you or your family to have around or to wear it. 

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Final Thoughts

Amethyst cannot go into salt water and any water where it could be damaged. But, amethyst can go in regular water and is a water-safe gemstone. 

So feel free to wear it in the shower or bath as you wish.

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